Spoken Word/Sound Effects catalogue

Record no.      Description

TC 1097 Alice in Wonderland. Joan Greenwood/Stanley Hollway/etc.

Caedmon stereo issue. £5

CAS 1157 "John Arlott Talks Cricket. Recorded on Alderney." £5

PLP 1049 "Arnold/Clough/Fitzgerald. Read by Marius Goring/Ian Holm/Derek

Jacobi". Argo mono. £7

ZDSW 715-7 "Ballet Shoes. Written and Abridged by Noel Streatfield. Read

by Moira Shearer". 3 Argo stereo Lps in box. £5

BS 01 "Sir John Barbirolli Speaks. In Conversation with Michael Kennedy and

a Tribute to Sir Winston Churchill". Barbirolli Society issue. £5

LPA 2280-1 "John Barrymore Reads Shakespeare". 2 individual Lps (one

sealed). £10

NPL 18271 "The World of Beachcomber Starring Spike Milligan". £5

PLP 1035. William Blake.  From Songs of Innocence, Poetical Sketches, etc.

Read by Alan Bates, Yvonne Bonnamy, etc. Argo mono. £7

861 "Treasury of Robert Browning Read By Robert Speaight". US Spoken Arts

issue. £5

TC 1201 Browning. My Last Duchess and Other Poems. Read by James

Mason. US Caedmon issue. £5

RELD 448 "John Cairney Tells The Robert Burns Story". 2 Lps in gatefold

sleeve. £5

140 024 George Buchner. Dantons Tod (great scenes). Boysen/Brauer/etc.

German DGG. No English translation. £4

TC 1103 "Poetry of Robert Burns and Scottish Border Ballads". Read by

Frederick Worlock/C R Brookes. Caedmon issue. £5

RG 344. Byron. Poetry read by Frank Duncan, Richard Johnson and Peter Orr.

Argo mono. £5

TC 1042. Byron. Poetry read by Tyrone Power. US Caedmon issue. £5

RG 103. The Cambridge Anthology of English Prose 1485-1640 Malory to

Donne. Argo mono. £7

RG 104. The Cambridge Anthology of English Prose 1621-1781 Burton to

Johnson. Argo mono. £7

RG 105. The Cambridge Anthology of English Prose 1722-1790 Defoe to

Burke. Argo mono. £7

TL 5320 "I, Roger Casement. A Dramatised Biography With The Voice of

Frank O'Dwyer". Philips mono. £5

SENS 1028 "Causley Reads Causley From His Collected Poems

1951-1975". £7

TC 1008 Chaucer. The Pardoner's Tale and The Nun's Priest's Tale. Read in

Middle English by Robert Ross. Caedmon South African issue. £5

TC 1151 Chaucer. The Canterbury Tales (General Prologue, Prologue to the

Parson's Tale, Chaucer's Retraction). Read in Middle English by J

B Bessinger Jr. Caedmon issue. £7

ZPL 1212/3 Chaucer. The Wife of Bath's Tale. Read in Middle English by

Prunella Scales. 2 Argo stereo Lps in gatefold sleeve. £5

PLB 6205 "Schwanengesang. Einakter von Anton Tschechow" Spoken by

Albert Florath. 10-inch Telefunken Lp. No English translation. £5

TC 1092 Coleridge. Poetry. Read by Sir Ralph Richardson. Caedmon mono.

Non-sounding scuff side 2 and a tiny 'nick' in top of cover. £5

RG 438 Coleridge. Read by Richard Burton/Yvonne Bonnamy/etc.

Argo mono. £5

RG 384 "Cornelia Otis Skinner Presents The Loves of Charles 11". Argo

mono. £5

ALP 1056-8 "The Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11 at

Westminster Abbey 2nd June 1953". With notes and "Approved

Souvenir Programme". Red/cream gatefold sleeve. . £10

PLP 1033 George Crabbe, read by Ian Holm/Clifford Rose/Gabriel Wolf.

Argo mono. £7

CBG 1 "The Cricket Society. Test Match Dinner. England versus Australia at

Edgbaston, 13 July 1968. Speakers: H A Judge, The Rt. Hon. Sir

Robert Menzies". £5

CLP 1709 "The Makers of History. Oliver Cromwell. With Paul Rogers as

Oliver Cromwell". EMI mono. £4

PLP 1187 Cecil Day Lewis. Poems read by the author. Argo mono. £7

TC 1135 Charles Dickens. A Christmas Carol. Ralph Richardson/Paul Scofield/

etc. US Caedmon issue. £5

MWM 1001S Scott Dobson. "Larn Yersel' Geordie". George House/Mike

Neville. £5

RG 192 "Favourite Poems Read at Home by Robert Donat". Argo mono. £2

RG 437 Robert Donat. "Romantic and Twentieth Century Poems".

Argo mono. £4

779 "The Art of Ruth Draper. The Italian Lesson/3 Generations/In a Court of

Domestic Relations/The Scottish Immigrant". US Spoken Arts

issue. £5

798 "The Art of Ruth Draper. A Church in Italy/An English House Party". US

Spoken Arts issue. £5

33CX 1056-7 T S Eliot. Murder in the Cathedral. Robert Donat/Old Vic

Company. 2 mono Columbia Lps. £5

RG 10 T S Eliot. The Waste Land/Ash Wednesday/etc. Read by Robert

Speaight. Argo mono. £5

PLP 1206-7 T S Eliot. The Waste Land/4 Quartets/The Love/Song of J Alfred

Prufrock/Journey of the Magi. Read by Alec Guinness. 2 Argo

mono Lps in gatefold sleeve. £14

RG 11 T S Eliot. Four Quartets. Read by Robert Speaight. Argo mono. £5

SW 504 T S Eliot reads Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats. Argo mono. £5

HLM 7108 "An 18th Century Comedy Album". Edith Evans reading from the

Way of the World etc. £5

LRL1 5037 "Edith Evans....and Friends. William Shakespeare/George Bernard

Shaw...." Recorded at the Richmond Theatre November 1973.

RCA stereo. £5

RG 485 "Elizabethan Sonneteers and Spenser". Read by Ian Holm etc. Argo

mono. £7

TC 1031 "Everyman. A Moral Play". Burgess Meredith. Caedmon issue. £5

TFF 38501 "Face to Face With John Freeman". Norman Birkett/

Frank Cousins. £10

44003 Theodor Fontane. Ja Das Macht ich noch erleben. O E Hasse spricht

Gedichte und Prosa. German DGG. No English translation. £5

R015 "Forest and Vale and High Blue Hill....Poems of Gloucestershire

Arranged and Sung by Johnny Coppin". £5

TSC 13424 "Walter Franck - Portrait eines Schauspielers". Richard

111/Raskolnikov. Telefunken issue. No English translation. £5

RG 183 "An Anthology of French Poetry". Read by Jean Vilar (with English

translation notes). Argo mono. £4

TC 1060 "Robert Frost Reads His Poetry". Caedmon issue. £5

PLP 1205 "Roy Fuller & Vernon Scannell: Poems Read By The Authors".

Argo mono. £5

TSC 13440 "Heinrich George - Portrait eines Schauspielers. Schiller/Goethe/

etc. Telefunken issue. No English translation. £5

RG 197 "An Antholgy of German Poetry". Read by Heinrich Schnitzler. With

booklet giving translation. Argo mono. £5

REGL 351 "Sir John Gielguid in His Greatest Roles". Introduced by Sir Ralph

Richardson. £5

GGL 0459 "A Gift of Ink by Tim Danaher. The Story of a Town Called

Listowel, Ireland". Pye mono issue. £5

43 035 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. "Wir Heissen euch Hoffen - Lyrik dritte

Folge)". Spoken by Will Quadflieg. DGG German issue. No

English translation. £5.

SA 797 "The Golden Treasury of French Prose. Lucienne Le Marchand/

Georges Riquier of the Theatre National Populaire".

Hugo/Mereimee/Maupassant/etc. US Spoken Arts issue. £5

811. “The Golden Treasury of German Prose”. Luther/Goethe/Schiller/ etc.

Read by Vilma Degischer and Henry Schnitzler. US Spoken Arts

issue. £5

701. “The Golden Treasury of German Verse”.  Heine/Goethe/Klopstock/ etc.

Read by Henry Schnitzler. US Spoken Arts issue £5

SW 510 "Great Actors of the Past". Terry/Irving/ Bernhardt/ Booth/ Tree/

              Moissi/Neilson/Coquelin/Jefferson/Salvini/Maude.  Argo issue.  £4 

ZTA 505-6 Kenneth Grahame. The Wind in the Willows. Wymark/Goolden/

Shelley/etc. 2 stereo Argo Lps. £10

TC 1178 Edward Everett Hale. The Man Without A Country. Read by Edward

G Robinson. US Caedmon issue. £4

RG 581-2 Thomas Hardy. Poems read by Ian Holm/Barbara Jefford/Richard

Pasco/David King. 2 Argo mono Lps. £5

RG 581/PLP 1054 As above. Same contents. £5

ZDSW 719/21 Hardy. Tess of the D'Urbevilles. Read by Moira Shearer. 3

Argo stereo Lps in box. £5

LT 6621 "Friedrich Hebbel - ein Dichterportrait. Gestaltet von Werner Hinz und

Ehmi Bessel". Telefunken issue. No English translation. £5

TSC 13411 "Heinrich Heine - ein Dichterportrait, Gestaltet von Martin Held".

Telefunken issue. No English translation £5

SME 83973 "Heinrich Heine - Denk ich an Deutschland. Eine Poetische

Reportage uber Deutschland ein Wintermarchen". EMI German

issue. No English translation. £5

43032 Hugo von Hofmannsthal. Jedermann. Janatshc/Bluhm/etc. German DGG

issue. No English translation. £5

43031 Friefrich Holdelin. Ihr wandelt droben im Licht. Spoken by Will

Quadflieg. German DGG issue. No English translation. £5

HK 26 Friedrich Holderlin. Rezitation by Peter Otten. German 1960s issue. No

English tranlation. £5.

ZNF 4 "Homage to Shakespeare From His Contemporaries and Ours".


Argo stereo. £5

TC 1111 Gerard Manley Hopkins. Poetry read by Cyril Cusack. Caedmon US

issue. £5

PLP 1051 Gerard Manley Hopkins. read by Michael Redgrave/Barbara

Jefford/etc. Argo mono. £5

TC 1203 A E Housman. "A Shropshire Lad and Other Poetry". Read by James

Mason. Caedmon issue. £5

SHE 539 "Immortal Venice Celebrated in Prose, Poetry and Music". Joan

Murray Simpson/John Westbrook (speakers)/Philip Trumble

(guitar) £5

IPG 1. “Invitation to German Poetry”.  Read by Lotte Lenya. One Lp plus a

thick booklet in a box. US issue. £5

PLB 6210 Karl Jaspers. "Die Aufhaben der Philosophie in der Gegenwart".

Telefunken 10-inch Lp. No English translation. £5

WL 1184 James Joyce. Ulysses (Soliloquies of Molly and Leopold Bloom).

Read by Siobhan McKenna and E G Marshall. £5

PLP 1043 "Keats Read By Tony Church/Derek Godfrey........." Argo mono. £5

40 006 Heinrich von Kleist. Amphitryon/Prinz von Homburg/Kathchen von

Heilbronn (scenes). Quadflieg/Holtzmann/Andree/etc. German

DGG issue. No English translation. £5

2750 005 Heinrich von Kleist. prinz Friedrich von Homburg. Luhr/Tuschen/etc.

3 DGG German Lps in box with copious notes. No English

translation. £10

51 003X Heinrich von Kleist. Der zerbrochene Krug. Schimmelpfennig/Bahn/

Carstesns/etc. 3 German Athena Lps with thick booklet. No

English translation. £10

LT 6542 Werner Krauss recites "Verteidigungsrede des Sokrates Schlubwort

nach dem Todessurteil". German Telefunken issue. No English

translation. £5

SAT 22 502 As above, but later label. £4

TC 1382 Andrew Lang. "Little Wildrose and Other Fairy Tales". Told by

Cathleen Nesbitt. Caedmon issue. £5

DCL 1201 "Latin Readings Volume 1". Cicero/Caesar/Livy/etc read by various

scholars. 1960s issue for the Joint Association of Classical

Teachers. £5

ZSW 593-5 "Laurie Lee Reads From Cider With Rosie". 3 Argo Lps in sealed,

unopened box. £5

51 121X Gotthold Ephraim Lessing. Minna von Barnhelm. Kurth/Pulver/

Schlemmer/etc. 3 German Athena Lps with thick booklet in box.

No English translation. £10

ASV SWD 351 C S Lewis. The Magician's Nephew. Read by Michael

Hordern. 2 Lps in gatefold sleeve. £5

42014 Maria Becker Liest. "Briefe einer Nonne. Aus den Portugiesischen

Briefen Ubertragen von Rainer Maria Rilke". German DGG 10-

inch Lp. No English translation. £5  

RG 199 "Moira Lister Presents People in Love". Stories by d'Almeida/Croker/

Maupassant/Poe. Argo mono. £5

LE 7680-1 "Literature of World Wars 1 and 2". Readings by Bill Glover and

Paul Sparer. 2 US Lexington Lps in gatefold sleeve. £5

SW 505 Micheal MacLiammoir. I Must Be Talking To My Friends. Argo

mono. £7

OS 2090 Micheal MacLiammoir. The Importance of Being Oscar. Stereo US

Columbia. £5

RG 227-9 Sir Thomas Malory. Le Morte d'Arthur. Harry Andrews and

supporting cast. 3 Argo mono Lps in box. £5

SMR 07 "Manx Gaelic Spoken By Native Speakers". £5

TC 1046 Walter De La Mare speaking and reading A Conversation/

12 Poems/The Princess. UK Caedmon issue. A few undistracting

clicks. £5

RG 178 "John Masefield reads The Story of Ossian". Argo mono. £5

43001 "Meisterstucke Deutsche Prosa". Claudius/Paul/Kleist. Spoekn by Ernst

Ginsberg. German DGG issue. No English translation. £3

SDL 285 "Memories of Osborne. Miss Dorothy Blake Recalls Her Childhood

at Osborne House....and her Memories of Queen Victoria and the

Royal Family". Rec. 1965. £5

RG 154 Arthur Miller reads from The Crucible and Death Of A Salesman.

Argo mono. Non-sounding scuffs. £5

MFP 50408 "Spike Milligan With Jeremy Taylor. An Adult Entertainment Live

at Cambridge University". £5

MFP 50413 A A Milne. When We Were Very Young. Read by Sir John and

Hayley Mills. £5

ZSW 568 A A Milne. When We Were Very Young. Read by Norman Shelley.

Argo stereo. £5

ZRG 544-5 Milton. Comus, A Masque with music by Henry Lawes/Samson

Agonistes (excerpts). Jefford/Holm/Squire/Church/etc. 2 Argo

stereo Lps in box. £10

TC 1227 "Miracles. Poems Written By Children". Read by Julie Harris and

Roddy McDowall. Caedmon issue. £5

TW 91168-9 Moliere. Le Misanthrope (in French). Barrault/Renaud/Desailly/

Bertin/etc. 2 individual UK London Lps. £5

BB0002 "A Load of Moloney. How To Talk Scouse Proper". £5

PMC 1211 "The Seriousness of Humour". Malcolm Muggeridge. Parlophone

mono issue. £5

TC 1078 "Nonsense Verse of Carroll and Lear". Read by Beatrice Lillie/Cyril

Ritchard/Stanley Holloway. Caedmon issue. £5

PLP 1073 "Now, What Is Love?" Royal Shakespeare Presentation on "the path

of true love....." Read by Dorothy Tutin/Max Adrian/John Barton.

Argo mono. £5

TC 1012 Sean O'Casey Reading From Juno and the Paycock/Pictures in the

Hallway/Inishfallen, Fare Thee Well. Caedmon issue. £5

3540 Sean O'Casey. Juno and the Paycock. Kavanagh/McKenna/Cusack/etc/

with introducition by the author. 2 US Angel Lps in box. £5

TC 1036 "Frank O'Connor Reads The Drunkard & My Oedipus Complex

(complete)". Caedmon issue. £8

RG 593 "Wilfred Owen in Poetry and Letters". Read by Richard Johnson. Argo

mono. £5

ZSW 579-580 Poe. The Pit and the Pendulum/The Tell-Tale Heart/The Black

Cat/The Cask of Amontillado. Read by Bill Mitchell. "With Music

and Sound Effects". 2 Argo stereo Lps in gatefold sleeve. £5

TC 1315 "Poems From Black Africa. Read by James Earl Jones". US

Caedmon issue. Non-sounding mark beginning side 2. £5

BB 00.06 "Poems in the Lancashire Dialect". Louisa Bearman.  1970s issue £4

LXT 5254/5265 "Poetry Readings By Dame Peggy Ashcroft". Vols 1-2.

Browning/Blake/Lear/etc. 2 individual Decca mono Lps. £8

LPMS 43009/10 "Erich Ponto in Memoriam. Reinecke Fuchs. Johann

Wolfgang von Goethe". 2 German DGG Lps with booklet in box.

No English translation. £10

TRA 331 "A Poke in the Eye". Cleese/Cook/Bron/Bennett/Garden/Oddie/Bird/

etc. Live recording from Her Majesty's Theatre in aid of Amnesty

Int. £5

PLP 1029 Pope. Read by Keith Michell/Frank Duncan/Max Adrian/etc. Argo

mono. £5

RLP 2434 Beatrix Potter. The Tale of Peter Rabbit/The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin.

Vivien Leigh with music and cast, with an illustrated sleeve.

US issue. £5

PLP 1014 Religious Metaphysical Poetry. Donne/Charles/Traherne/Herbert/

Vaughan. Read by Tony Church/etc. Argo mono. £5

ABL 3382. “Scenes from Shakespeare”. Much Ado /Taming of the

Shrew/Merry Wives of Windsor . Sir Donald Wolfit & Rosalind

Iden. Philips mono issue. £3

FRL 1552 Friedrich Schiller. Wilhelm Tell (in German). Cast of the Vienna

Civic Theatre (Burgertheater). US Period Records issue. Includes

a German text. £5

FL 9916. Frederich von Schiller. Poetry, read by Kinkski. US Folkways

issue. £5

43019 Friedrich Schiller. Scenes from Kabale und Liebe/Wallensteins Tod.

Quadflieg/Schell/Krauss/Korner. German DGG issue. No English

translation. £4

2750 002 Friedrich Schiller. Wallensteins Tod. Hase/Schutz/Arps/etc. German

DGG box set, sealed unopened. £10

2752 004 Friedrich Schiller. Kabale und Liebe. Franck/Quadflieg/Hatheyer/

etc. 2 German DGG Lps with booklet in box. No English

translation. £10

643 559-61 Friedrich Schiller. die Rauber. Luhr/Griem/Stein/etc. 3 German

DGG Lps in box with booklet. No English translation. £10

RE 100 "The Power of Words (The Lloyd Morris Lecture of 1951). Lady

Violet Bonham-Carter". £5

MG 20044 "Seclusion. The Story of the Carmelite Nuns". Flora Robson/Hugh

Burden/Betty Hardy/etc. £5

SRSM 201 Shakespeare. The Tempest. Michael Redgrave/Hugh Griffith/

Vanessa Redgrave/Anna Massey/John Hurt/etc. Caedmon stereo

issue. £5 .

RG 289 "Shakespeare at Stratford 1960/1961. Ashcroft/Evans/Gielguid/

Plummer/V. Redgrave/Tutin/etc. Argo mono. £7

RE 5520-3 Shakespeare. Othello. Olivier/Jacobi/Maggie Smith/etc. National

Theatre studio production. Includes a National Theatre

programme of the Olivier performance. RCA mono. 4 Lps. £5

MFP 1150 Shakespeare. "Dame Edith Evans Reads From The Sonnets and

Appears in Extracts from As You Like It with Sir Michael

Redgrave." £5

SRSM 233 Shakespeare. King Lear. Scofield/Roberts/Cusack/etc. Caedmon

box set, with complete text. £5

SRSM 231 Shakespeare. Macbeth. Quayle/Davies/Holloway/etc. Caedmon

box set with complete text. £5

SRSM 204 Shakespeare. Measure for Measure. Gielguid/Leighton/Richardson/

etc. Caedmon box set with complete text. £5

SRSM 209 Shakespeare. The Merchant of Venice. Griffith/Tutin/Andrews/etc.

Caedmon box set with complete text. £5

SRSM 202 Shakespeare. The Two Gentlemen of Verona. Wyngarde/De

Souza/Dunham/Laurie/etc. Caedmon box set with

complete text. £5

SRS 206 Shakespeare. Much Ado About Nothing. Rex Harrison/Rachel

Roberts/etc. Caedmon stereo issue in box. £5

23034 Shakespeare. Julius Caesar (scenes). Richardson/Quayle/Mills/etc. US

issue. £3

DOL 302 Shakespeare. Hamlet. Burton/Cronyn/Drake/Herlie/etc. Gielgud's

1964 production. US CBS mono issue. £7

SRSM 225-7 Shakespeare. Othello. Sylvera/Cusack/Celia Johnson/

Massey/etc. UK Caedmon issue. Non-sounding scuff side 3. £5

ZPR 186-8 Shakespeare. Twelfth Night. Godfrey/Wymark/etc. Argo stereo

box. £10

SER 5520-3 Shakespeare. Othello. Olivier/Maggie Smith/Jacobi/etc. The

National Theatre production. £10

SRS 223 Shakespeare. King Richard 111. Robert Stephens/Peggy Ashcroft/

Cyril Cusack/Glenda Jackson/etc. Caedmon stereo issue. £10

SRS-M 241 Shakespeare. Sonnets. John Gielgud. 2 Caedmon stereo Lps. £10

SRS 236 Shakespeare. Cymbeline. Claire Bloom/Boris Karloff/etc. Caedmon

stereo issue. £5

TRS 311M Bernard Shaw. Saint Joan. McKenna/Pleasance/Aylmer/

McCowen/etc. 4 Caedmon Lps in box. £5

REB 32M "Bernard Shaw. Some of his Broadcasts". BBC issue. £5

TC 1094 Bernard Shaw-The Apple Cart (interlude)/Noel Coward-Poems.

Noel Coward/Margaret Leighton. Caedmon issue. £5

ER 102 Bernard Shaw. Doctor's Dilemma (Preface). Spoken by Robert

Shaw. £5

ZRG 5470-2 Bernard Shaw. Saint Joan. Jefford/McCowen/Hordern/Jacobi/

etc. Argo stereo in box. £5

TC 2020 Sheridan. The Rivals. Evans/Brown/MacLiammoir/Donald/Laurie/etc.

Caedmon issue in box. £5

ZSW 608 Stevie Smith. Poetry. Read by Glenda Jackson. Argo stereo. £5

4FP9007 Edmund Spencer. The Faerie Queene Book 111/Epithalamion. Read

by Micheal Mac Liammoir. UK Caedmon issue. £5

PLP 1011 Edmund Spencer. The Faerie Queene (excerpts). Read by Gary

Watson/William Squire/Prunella Scales/etc. Argo mono. £5

953 Stephen Spender. Selected Poems. Read by the Poet. US Spoken Arts

issue. £5

TC 1084 "Stephen Spender Reading His Poetry". US Caedmon issue. £5

ZDSW 704/5 Laurence Sterne. A Sentimental Journey (abridged). Read by

Donald Sinden. 2 Argo stereo Lps in gatefold sleeve. £5

LK 4254 R L Stevenson. The Suicide Club/Dr Jekyll & Mister Hyde

(abridged). Read by Sir Laurence Olivier. Decca mono. £5

769 "Stories From An Irish Fireseide Told by Eamon Kelly". US Spoken Arts

issue. £5

RG 43 Dylan Thomas. 15 Poems.  Read by Richard Burton.  Argo mono.  £3

TC 1061 Dylan Thomas reading A Visit to America and Poems. Caedmon

issue. Non-sounding needle marks. £4

TC 1002 Dylan Thomas reads A Child's Christmas in Wales and 5 Poems.

Caedmon issue. £5

TC 1018 Dylan Thomas reading Poem on his Birthday/And Death Shall Have

No Dominion/Lament/and other poems. Caedmon issue. £5

4FP 9005 As above. Philips issue from Caedmon source. £5

4FP 9015 "Dylan Thomas Reading Quite Early One Morning And Other

Memories". Philips issue from Caedmon source. £5

TC 2014 "Dylan Thomas Reading His Complete Recorded Poetry".

2 US Caedmon Lps. £10

TC 2078 "Dylan Thomas Reads From His Adventures in the Skin Trade and

Two Poems". Caedmon issue. £5

TC 1343 "Dylan Thomas and Edith Sitwell Read and Discuss Her Poetry".

Caedmon issue. £5

ZPL 1186 "An Evening With Sybil Thorndike. With John and Jane Casson".

Argo stereo. £5

TR 127 "Twelve Burnt Saucepans. A Family Year Seen Through The Haze.

Written and Read by Charlotte Mitchell." Argo mono. £5

TS 30 LA 510 "Jean Vilar dit Chemins de la Poesie". French issue. £4

TC 2004 Voltaire. Candide. "A Dramatic Reading in French". Robert Franc/

Lilyan Chauvin/etc. 2 US Caedmon Lps in gatefold sleeve. £5

70026 Andrei Voznesensky. Poetry, read (in Russian) by the poet, and in

English translations by WH Auden/Stanley Kunitz/William Jay

Smith/Richard Wilbur. CBS 1960s mono issue. £5

SP 100 "A Service of Thanksgiving for The Life and Work of Sir Barnes

Wallis". Recorded in St Paul's Cathedral, 27 February 1980. £5

PLP 1074 "What Passing Bell. A Commemoration in Poetry and Prose of the

50th Anniversary of the Outbreak of the First World War". Argo

mono. £5

TSC 13419 "Mathias Wieman spricht Claudius und Holderlin. German

Telefunken Lp. No English translation. £5

TC 1637 Kate Wiggin. Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (abridged). Read by Julie

Harris. Caedmon issue. £5

ZSW 547 Oscar Wilde. The Happy Prince/The Star Child (abridged). Read by

Robert Morley. Argo stereo. £5

TC 1044 Oscar Wilde. Fairy Tales. Read by Basil Rathbone. US Caedmon

issue. £4

No number. "Gabriel Wolf Reads Verse". Donne/Browning/Keats/etc. 1969

Cadenza issue. £5

ZPR 122-3 "The Wonder of the Age. Mr Edison's New Talking Phonograph".

The voices of Gladstone/Edison/Nightingale/Shaw/etc. 2 Argo

stereo Lps in box. £5

PLP 1037 Wordsworth (record 2). Read by Michael Hordern/Peter Orr/etc.

Argo mono. £5

RG 449 Yeats. From The Rose/etc. Read by Chris Curran/Sheila Manahan/etc.

Argo mono. £5

AVRS 1015 Stefan Zweig. Die Schachnovelle. Spoek by Curd Jurgens.

German issue. No English translation. £5

44011 Stefan Zweig. Brief einer Unbekannten. Spoken by Ruth Leuwerik.

German DGG issue. No English translation. £5

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