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                    Record no.    Description                                                                               

RR 515 Bach. Brandenburg Concerti 3/5. Furtwangler/VPO. Public

performance in Salzburg 1950. US Discocorp issue. £5

SMS 2552 Bach. Violin concertos BWV 1041-2 Schneiderhan/ViennaBarO/

Atzmon. £7

RR 532 Bach-Violin concerto S1056/Mozart-Violin concerto no 3.

Szigeti/Orch/Mitropolous. Public performances 1949. £10

RR 451 Bach. Violin concertos BWV 1041-2/Partita S1004. Huberman/

VPO/Dobrowen. US Discocorp mono issue. £20

BACH 1204 Bach. 3 Cello/harpsichord sonatas BWV 1027-9.

Claude Starck/Jorg Ewald Dabler. £10

HMU 2.642 Bach. Violin concertos BWV 1041-3 (Milanova/Badev/

SofiaCO/Kazandjiev)/Organ works BWV 565/582 (Rogg/

Chapuis). 2 French HarmoniaMundi Lps in gatefold sleeve. £10

BM 2097/8 Bach. Complete Brandenburg Concerti. Boyd Neel/Orch.

2 mono Lps in gatefold sleeve. £5

HM 438 Bach. French Suites BWV 812-6. Gilbert (clavecin). 2 French

Harmonia Mundi Lps in gatefold sleeve. £5

41577 8 Bach. Viola da Gamba sonatas BWV 1027-9. Pank/Ahlgrimm.

Capriccio digital. £12

SMSC 2531 Bach. Goldberg Variations. Christiane Jaccottet

(harpsichord). £8

MD 9264 Bach. Keyboard Works 772/774-5/779/846/884/903/927-8/

930/971. Andreas Angelo (harpsichord). French Mode mono

issue. £5

HNH 4021 Bach-Solo Cello Suite No 3/Kodaly-Solo Cello Sonata op8.

Frans Helmerson. BIS issue. £10

X 1008 Bach. Double Violin concerto BWV 1043/Violin & Oboe concreto

BWV 1060. Heinemann/Schmidt/Gunther/Ortmann/

ClassicsClubO/Friedmann. Mono. £5

EXP 23 CPE Bach. Cello concerto in Amaj/Flute concerto in Dmin.

Bex/Rampal/ParisOpO/Boulez. £5

LPYV-S 50912 "J Bajamonti-Coelo Tonante/A Sorkocevic-Nell' Umile Mia

Capanna/I M Jarnovic-Gudacki Kvartet un A-duru. Vladimir

Ruzdjak/Kvartet Jarnovic/Zagrebacki kvartet". Jugoton stereo

issue. £5

MTH 275 Barber-String quartet op11/Gershwin-Lullaby/Milhaud-String

quintet no 2. Frankfurt Dickermann Qt. Thorofon digital

issue. £5

BS 01 "Sir John Barbirolli Speaks. In Conversation with Michael Kennedy

and Tribute to Sir Winston Churchill". Barbirolli Society

issue. £5

BM 30 SL 1801 Bartok. String quartets nos 1/2. Fine Arts Qt. Musicaphon

stereo. £5

KBF 21108 "Bavarian Court's and Residences. Piano Music of Wagner, Von

Bulow and Liszt". Werner Gemuit. 2 BASF Lps in gatefold

sleeve. £5

RCB 1 Bax/Bliss. Viola Sonatas. Downs/Cassini. £5

RCB 20 Bax-Violin sonata no 1 (Henry Holst/Frank Merrick)/Vaughan

Williams- String quartet (Aeolian Qt). £7

BWS 725 Beethoven-Piano concerto no 5/Delius-Piano concerto.

Moiseiwitsch//Orch/Sargent.Rec. 1963/1955. US Discocorp

issue. £5

SYMPOSIUM 1000 Beethoven. Piano concerto no 5 (first movement only -

the remainder of the recording is lost). Eugen D'Albert/Orch/

Seidler-Winkler. Rec. 1930. £2

6.43098 Beethoven. Piano trios op97/121a. Haydn Trio, Wien. Teldec

digital. £5

BMPS 19-20829 Beethoven. Diabelli Var. op120. Gulda. BASF


LO 527 Beethoven. Piano concerto no 1. Gulda/RIASSO/Hindemith. Live

performance in Berlin 1957. £3

OW 7208-85 Beethoven. Symphony no 9. Baillie/Nash/Ferrier/Parsons/etc/

LPO/Walter. Public performance in Royal Albert Hall 13

November 1947. Japanese issue. £4

NKT LP3 Beethoven-Piano trio op70 no1/Donizetti-Piano Trio/Gentilucci-

Crescendo. Nuovo Klaviertrio. Italian Mizar Records issue. £5

COLLECTOR 23 Beethoven. Piano trio op97. Nadelmann/Blanc/Rostal.

10-inch mono Classics Club issue. £10

HPG 1015 Beethoven. Piano sonatas nos 14/21/And. Favori. Stavros Piradis.

Lyrique issue. £5

COLLECTOR 11 Beethoven. Piano sonatas op27 no2/57. Hans Kann. 10-

inch mono Classics Club issue. £4

FSM 53553AUL Beethoven-Piano Quintet op16/Ludwig Thuille-Piano

Sextet op6. Steven Masi (piano)/Bonner Blaser Kammermusik

Vereinigung. German 1981 issue. £5

STPL 511.340 Beethoven. Violin sonatas op24/47. Rosand/Flissler. US Vox

issue. Sealed, unopened. £12

25759-2 Beethoven. String quartets op59 no1/74/95. Melos Qt Stuttgart.

2 Intercord Lps in gatefold sleeve. £5

DA 9012 Beethoven. Piano sonatas op109-111. Egon Petri. Live recording

California 1964. £5

M 30130 Beethoven. Piano sonatas op81a/111. Lotte Jekeli. German

digital. £5

RR 497 Beethoven-Piano concerto no 4 (Haskil/TorinoO/Rossi)/Mozart-

Piano concerto K491 (Haskil/ORTFOrch/Cluytens). Rec.

1955-60. Live performances. US Discocorp issue. £5

979 211-1 Beethoven. Piano sonatas op101/106/109-111. Richard Goode.

2 US 1980s Lps in gatefold sleeve. £10

BWS 735 Beethoven-Piano Trios op70 no1/97/Mozart-Piano Trio K548/

Schumann-Piano Trio op63. E Fischer/Schneiderhan/Mainardi.

2 Mono Lps in gatefold sleeve. £10

AS 49 Beethoven. Piano sonatas op110/111. Badura-Skoda. French Astree

1980 issue. Rear cover inscribed by Badura-Skoda. £20

RBM 3096 Beethoven-Piano sonatas op78/110/Chopin-2 Nocturnes op27/

Fantasie op49/Berceuse op57. Lotte Jekeli. Rear cover

inscribed by the pianist. German digital. £10

CS 1566 Beethoven. Piano sonatas op13/27 no2/Fur Elise. Ivan Moravec.

US Connoisseur Soc. stereo issue. £4

COLLECTOR 28 Beethoven. String quartet op74. Winterthur Qt. 10-inch

mono Classics Club Lp. £10

RLP-199-27 Beethoven. Piano trio op97. Jilka Trio (Rapf/Jilka/Schwartzl).

US Remington mono issue. £20

HMC 1223 Beethoven. String quartets op95/135. Brandis Qt. French

Harmonia Mundi issue. £10

DM 152 Beethoven. Piano concerto no 1. Goldsand/FrankfurtOpO/

Bamberger. 10-inch mono Lp. £4

No Number. Beethoven. Violin sonata op47. Oliver Colbentson/David

Garvey. 10-inch Classics Club mono Lp. £10

X 2502 Beethoven. Violin concerto. Loveday/RoyalDanO/Hurst. Mono

Clasxics Club issue. £5

X 1010 Beethoven. Piano sonatas op78/81a/90. Bernard Hausmann. Classics

Club mono issue. £5

DG 10060 Beethoven. Symphony no 5/Ov. Egmont. Ozawa/BSO. Telarc

digital. £5

D 805 Beethoven. Piano Quintet op16 performed as a piano quintet and a

piano quartet. The Mozasrt Trio/Salzburger Klassische

Blaserspiel on original instruments. Claves issue. £5

CCHN 130 Berlioz. 3 Overtures. Martinon/LamoureuxO. 10-inch mono

Classics Club issue. £5

CRD 1061 Berwald-String quartet in Gmin/Johan Wilmanson-String quartet

op1 no2. Chilingirian Qt. £5

ADW 7089 Bloch. Violin sonata no 1/Suite Hebraique/Suite Baal Shem.

Violina Stoyanova/Hermilo Novelo. Pavane Records issue. £10

STE 50192 Boieldieu-Harp Concerto/Krumpholz-Harp concerto no 6.

Laskine/Orch/Paillard. French Erato issue. £5

SFP 91023 Boismortier. Complete Sonatas for Clavecin & Flute op91.

Luc Urbain (flute)/Francoise Petit (clavecin). French issue. £5

16.003 Boulez. Le Marteau Sans Maitre. Deroubaix/6 instruments/Boulez.

French issue. £5

0S 7072 Brahms-Symphony no 1/Rehearsal of Beethoven Symphony no 7.

Furtwangler/LucerneFO. Rec. 1947/51. Bruno Walter Soc.

issue. Japanese pressing. £3.

ATL 4174 Brahms. Violin sonatas op78/100. Loveday/Cassini. Mono. £3

40.21.971 Brahms. Viola sonatas op120 nos 1/2. Moog/Genuit. German

Acanta issue. £5

BRL 77 Brahms. Violin concerto. Sonia Michaels/BerlinProMusSO/

Masters. £5

SMSC 2466 Brahms. Piano Quintet op34. Warsaw Quintet. £7

SR 9614 Brahms. Symphony no 1. Carl Bamberger/FrankfurtOpO.

French Prestige de La Musique mono issue. £18

R 149 53 Brahms. Cello sonata op38. Gaspar Cassado/Otto Schulhof.

US Remington Records 10-inch mono Lp. £25

SM 1033 Brahms. Symphony no 4. Schmidt-Isserstedt/

NordDeutschenRadSO. German Joker stereo issue. £7

SMS 2551 Brahms-Double concerto op102/Schubert-Rondo in Amaj.

Ozim/Palm/ViennaOpO/Atzmon. £7

SM 1023 Brahms. Violin concerto. Wilhelm Melcher/HamburgSO/Szalar.

Joker stereo issue. £7

LSY 66026 Brahms-Clarinet quintet op115/Njiric-Mala Barokna Suita.

Pietro Cavaliere (clarinet)/Gudacki Qt. Yugoslav stereo issue £5

VAR 1025 "Brilliant Showpieces for The Violin". Hasson/Brown. £8

REGL 417 Britten. Our Hunting Fathers op8/On This Island op11/A Charm

of Lullabies op41. Pears/Batts/Britten. from 1960s BBC

broadcasts. £4

ABRD 1126 Britten-Symphony for Cello & Orch./Death in Venice (Suite).

Wallfisch/ECO/Bedford. £5

CRD 1095 Britten. String quartets nos 2/3. Alberni Qt. Cover inscribed by

the quartet. £7

5504 Britten. String quartet no 1 op25/Fantasy op2. Gomberg/Galimir Qt.

US Everest/Counterpoint issue. £4

SMSC 2489 Bruckner. Symphony no 4. Wallberg/VSOO. £5

7 25 125 Busoni. "Klavierbeareitungen Bach'scher Werke". Peter Rosel.

Eterna digital recording. £5

HMB 977 Alfonso el Sabio (d.1284). "Cantigas De Santa Maria". Clemencic

Cons. French Harmonia Mundi issue. £5

OV 65012 "Chamber Music for Flute and Harp". Britten/Bartok/Honegger/

etc. Linda Chesis/Sara Cutler. German digital. Front cover

autographed by both artists. £5

HM 5124 M A Charpentier. Les Antiennes "O" de l'Avent - Noels Pour Les

Instruments. Christie/Les Arts Florissants. French Harmonia

Mundi 1982 issue. £18

NUM 75052 Chausson-Poeme op25/Rabaud-La Procession Nocturne op6/

Lekeu-Fant. Symph. Sur 2 Airs Populaires Angevins/Adagio

op3. Mouillere/MonteCarloO/Jordan. Erato digital issue. £5

PAN 170-104 Chausson-Piano trio op3/Debussy-Piano trio in Gmaj.

Wiener Schubert Trio. Austrian digital issue. £5

804 001 Chopin. Piano sonata op58/Rachmaninov-Corelli Var./Scriabin-3

Etudes. Schoschana Rudiakov. German 1980 issue. Rear cover

inscribed by Rudiakov. £5

OR C-159 Chopin. Piano concerto no 2/Berceuse/etc. Regina Smendzianka/

WarsawNPSO/Rowicki. US Orpheus issue. £5

LP 007 Chopin. Piano Trio op8. Trio Wospritv. Polish 1979 issue. £5

EGM3-TGM2 Chopin. Piano concerto no 1. Branka Musulin/BambergSO/

Wallberg. Italian issue. £3

SMSC 2207 Chopin. 14 Waltzes. Perlemuter. German issue. £5

LEX 2003 Chopin. 3 Piano sonatas. Thalia Myers. 2 UK Phoenix Lps in

gatefold sleeve. £10

SX 0063 Chopin. Etudes op10/3 Etudes "Methodes Des Methodes".

Boleslaw Woytowicz. Polish 1959 stereo issue. £5

OPUS 83 Chopin-Piano sonata op35/Mussorgsky-Pictures at an Exhibition.

William Kappell. Live performances in Australia 1953. "From

His Last Recitals". US Opus issue. £3

SMSC 2207 Chopin. 24 Preludes op28/Prelude op45. Perlemuter. £5

SX 1309 Chopin. And. Spianato op22/3 Mazurkas/2 Etudes/etc. Zimerman.

Polish stereo issue from the 1975 International Chopin

Competition. £5

SX 2061 Chopin. Piano concerto no 2/Nocturneop27no2/Scherzo op31.

Dang Thai Son/WarsawNatPO/Strugallo. Live recording 1980.

Polish issue. £5

SX 1338 Chopin. Piano sonata op35/3 Etudes/Waltz op42. John

Hendrickson. From the Warsaw Competition 1975. £4

VX 81112 Chopin-Piano sonata op35/Bernstein-Touches/Debussy-Feux

D'Artifices/Stavinsky-3 Movements from Petrouchka. Santiag

Rodriguez. Live recording at the 6th Van Cliburn International

Piano Competition. £3

SX 0074 Chopin. 4 Sherzi/Souvenir de Paganini. Lidia Grychtolowna.

Polish 1959 issue. £5

30 RC 885/6 Chopin. Complete Polonaises. Grant Johannesen. 2 French

stereo Gravure Universelle Lps. £18

SX 0061 Chopin. 4 Ballades/Barcarolle op60. Jan Ekier. Polish stereo. £5

SX 0062 Chopin. Preludes op28. Czerny-Stefanska. Polish stereo. £5

X 511 Chopin-Pol. Fantaisie op61/2 Mazurkas/Etudes op25 no11/

Beethoven-Piano sonata op2 no3/Bagatelle op126 no3.

Stephen Savage. Mono Classics Club issue. £5

XL 0080 Chopin. Piano trio op5 (Szpilman/Wronski/Ciecnahnski)/

Intro&Polonaise op3/Grand Duo on Robert Le Diable

(Kowalska-cello/Szpilman-piano). Polish issue. £5.

ARN 90641 Clementi. 23 Studies From Gradus Ad Parnassum. Vincenzo

Balzani (piano). Arion issue. £5

HHS 1 "Coleccion De Musica Antigua Espanola...Las Cantigas De Santa

Maria Del Rey Alfonso X El Sabio (S.X11-X-111)". Soloists/

Capilla Musical/Atrium Musicae/etc/ Dir. De Olza. Spanish

stereo issue. £5

ARN 38686 "Concert Chez Madame Recamier. Duos Pour Harpe et

Pianoforte". Marielle Nordmann (harp)/Brigitte Haudebourg

(piano). Arion 1982 issue. £5

X 908 "Alfred Cortot Concert. Saint-Saens/Faure/Albeniz....." US Everest

issue. £3

TI-39 F Couperin. La Paix de Parnasse/5th Concert from Les Gouts-Reunis/

L'Espagnole from Les Nations. SanFranciscoBarEns. US

Titanic Records issue. £5

S 4660 Johann Baptist Cramer (d. 1858). The Piano Studies. Virginia

Pleasants. US 1981 issue. £5

HM 1003 "Danses Anciennes De Hongrie". Clemenci Consort. French

Harmonia Mundi issue. £10

EVEREST 3140 Debussy/Faure. Violin sonatas. Ferras/Barbizet. £5

RMLP 93L102 Debussy-Fuex D'Artifice/Reflets Dans L'Eau/La Cathedrale

Engloutee/Ravel-Gaspard de la Nuit/Sonatine/Jeux D'Eaux.

Sylvia Zaremba (piano). US Realistic High Fidelity issue. £25

CSQ 2069 Delius. 3 Violin sonatas. Wilkomirska/Garvey. US Connoisseur

Soc. Quadrophonic issue. £5

H-71361 "The Devil's Trill & Other 18th-Century Virtuoso Sonatas for Violin

& Continuo". Luca/Bogatin/Richman. £20

VMS 2112 Dohnanyi. Violin concerto no 1 op27. Gottfried Schneider/

BambergSO/Levi. German digital issue. £5

30 A 113 "Les Duos D'Amour". Couperin/Krumpholz/Beethoven/Satie/

Khachaturian/etc. Bourdin (flute)/Challan (harp).

Arion issue. £10

LDX 78786 Dvorak. Piano quintet op81. Richter/Borodin Qt. French

issue. £5

30424 Dvorak-Piano Trio op65/Martin-Trio sur des Melodies Populaires

Irlandaises. Trio Musiviva. French digital issue. £5

6818 125 Dvorak-Piano trio op90/Smetana-Piano trio op15. Mendelssohn

Trio. Dutch 1983 issue. £5

CRD 1110 Dvorak-Serenade op44/Krommer-Octet-Partita (Nonet) op79.

NashEns. £5

RC 868 Dvorak. Violin concerto. Oistrakh/MoscowPO/Kondrashin. Gravure

Universelle stereo. £5

84 Dvorak. String quartet op96. Pascal Qt. 10-inch mono Classics Club

issue. £10

CHS 1117 Dvorak. Piano Trio op65. Balsam/Kaufman/Cervera.

US Concert Hall Society mono issue. £175

GS 1019 Dvorak. Poetic Tone Pictures op85. Gerald Robbins (piano).

Genesis issue. £4

PLE 121 "Youri Egorov At Carnegie Hall December 16, 1978".

Bach/Mozart/Chopin. US Peters Int. issue. £4

SDEL 18024 Elgar-Piano quintet op84 (Cassini/Aeolian Qt)/Bax-Legend

(Forbes - viola/Cassini-Piano). £5

PRS 2503 Elgar. Complete Piano works. McCabe. £4

RCB8 Elgar-Piano quintet op84 (Cassini/Aeolian Qt)/Bax-Legend

(Forbes/Cassini). £5

532 Elgar-Intro & Allegro op47/Delius-First Cuckoo/Holst/Somerset Rhap.

Groves/BournemouthSO. 10-inch mono Classics Club issue. £2

STM-ECE 0949 Enescu. Violin sonata op2/Cantabile et Presto for Flute &

Piano/Allegro de Concert for Harpe Chromatique/legende for

Trumpet and Piano. Rumanian artists. Electrecord issue. £5

VMS 482 "Etuden-Meisterhaft Gespielt: Die Violine. Saschko Gawriloff

(violin) plays Seybold/Mazas/Kreutzer/Vieuxtemps/etc.

Schwann 1970s issue. £5

CRD 1016 Faure. Cello sonatas 1/2/Sicilienne/Elegie. Igloi/Benson. £5

D 8603 Faure. Piano quintets op89/115. Quintetto Faure di Roma.

Claves digital. £7

SMSA 2511 "A Festival of Russian Music". R Korsakov/Mussorgsky/

Borodin. MunchFNRO. £5

GM 2004-5 Field. Complete Nocturnes. Van Mill (piano). 2 Gemini Lps in

gatefold sleeve. £5

ORYX ROM 1802 Field. 4 Piano sonatas. Frank Merrick. £4

ABRD 1182 Finzi-Cello concerto/Leighton-Suite "Veris Gratia".

Wallfisch/etc/RLPO/Handley. £5

A 66210 Federigo Fiorillo-Violin concerto no 1/Viotti-Violin concerto no 13.

Adelina Oprean/EurComCO/Faerber. £5

DS 35 Francaix. "Musique Pour Les Enfants". French sopranos and altos/

Violins/Cello/Catherine & Jean Francaix (pianos). £5

RR-463 Franck. Piano Quintet. Cortot/International Qt. US Discocorp issue.

"Historic Recording". £4

LP 137 Franck "The Music for Piano & Orchestra/Prelude,Chorale &

Fugue". Kerstin Aberg/GothenburgSO/Kamu. Swedish 1979

issue. £4

MW 80047 Franck. Piano concerto op11/Variations op8. Vanden Eyden/

BelgeRTVO/Doneux. 1983 issue. £5

RR 528 Franck-Violin sonata/Piano Quintet/Faure-Violin sonata op13/

Chausson-Concerto op21. Thibaud/Cortot/International Qt. 2

Lps in gatefold sleeve. £8

0522 "Jack Freedman. Debussy/Grieg/Chopin/Scarlatti". Music Masters

1970s issue. £5

J 5430 Matthias Vanden Gheyn (d.1785)-2 Preludes for Carillon/3 Sonatas

for Violin & Basso Continuo/Harpsichord and organ

pieces/Jean Jacques Robson (d.1785)-La Galeuse/Willem

Gommaar Kennis (d. 1789)-String quartet. Various Dutch

artists. Dutch 1980s issue. £5

IGI 299 "Emil Gilels in Recital". Brahms (4 Ballades)/Schumann (4 Pieces op32)/

Chopin (Piano sonata no 3). Rec. 1977. 2 US Discocorp Lps in gatefold

sleeve. £5

RR 559 "Emil Gilels in Concert". Beethoven op57/Chopin Ballade in G/Schumann-

Arabeske/Debussy-3 Pieces from Images. Rec. 1952-63. US Discocorp

issue. £5

2087 Emil Gilels Plays Schubert-Kabalevsky-Fantasy op103/Brahms-Cap. & Intermezzo

op116/Schumann-Scherzo & Presto Appasionata. Live performances

Canadian Rococo issue. £4

Ti78 Lodovico Giustini. Piano sonatas nos 1/4/6/10. Horszowski (1720 Piano). Titanic

Records issue. £4

MCS 2136 Glazunov-Violin concerto op82/Mazurka-Oberek/Kabalevsky-Violin concerto

op48. Oistrakh/USSRO/Kondrashin/Yudin/Kabalevsky. US Monitor issue £5

BNB 23 Eugene-Charles-Jean Godecharle (d. 1814). 6 trios op3e. Ens. Instrumentale

du Brabant (clavecin/violin/cello/oboe). Belgian 1981 issue. £5

BWS 523 Goldmark-Violin concerto (Milstein/orch/Walter)/Mozart-SinfConc K364

(Corigliano/Lincer/Orch/Walter). US Discocorp historic issue. £5

6.48262 "Benny Goodman Plays Classics. Beethoven/Brahms/Weber". 2 Teldec Lps in

gatefold sleeve. £5

MELODRAM 34 "Glenn Gould/Leonard Bernstein". Beethoven-Cello sonata op69/Piano

Trio op70/Brahms-Piano concerto no 1. Recorded at the New York

Stratford Festival April 1962. Italian Melodram issue. 2 Lps in gatefold

sleeve. £5

AIR-2-9040 Grainger. "Salute to Scotland. Piano Music Played by Ronald Stevenson".

Altarus Records 1985 issue. German pressing. £5

STU 70344/45. Granados. Goyescas/Escenas Romanticas. Larrocha (piano). 2 individual

French Erato Lps. £18             

PAULA 42 Granados. Danzas Espanolas. Mogens Dalsgaard (piano). Danish 1985 issue.

Sealed, unopened. £5

X3007 Grieg-Piano concerto (Sondra Bianca/HamburgO/Walther)/Liszt-Piano

concerto no 1 (Hedda Weiss/HamburgO/Schmidt). Classics Club issue. £4

3486 Grieg-Cello sonata/Brahms-Cello sonata op38. Rostropovich/Richter. US Everest

issue. £5

SP 3 Grieg. Piano concerto/Peer Gynt (2 excerpts). Madeleine Deschamps/

ClassicsClubPO/Pedersen. Mono. £5

3455 "Friedrich Gulda Plays Baroque and Romantic Piano Favourites". Bach/Schubert/etc.

Everest US issue. £5

SRM 538 Friedrich Gulda. Music for Piano and Big Band/Music for Soloist and band.

Gulda/Jazz Soloists. US Scepter records issue. £5

CRD 1075/6 Handel. Trio Sonatas op2. L'Ecole D'Orphee (authentic instruments). 2 Lps in

gatefold sleeve. £10

CRD 1081/2 Handel. Complete Violin Sonatas/2 Trio Sonatas for 2 Violins/Trio Sonata for

2 Flutes/Recorder Sonata. L'Ecole D'Orphee. 2 Lps in gatefold sleeve. £14

EXP 80 Handel. Trio Sonatas op2 nos 1A/3/4/6. Tilford Ens. Oryx stereo. £5

STU 71450 "La Harpe Impressioniste". Debussy/Faure/Saint-Saens/Pierne. Marielle

Nordmann. French Erato issue. £3

RR 213 Clara Haskil plays Bach/Scarlatti/Beethoven (sonata op111)/Schumann/Debussy/

Ravel. Rec. Ludwigsburg Festival 4/11/53. US Discorp issue. £5

207 Clara Haskil plays Mozart-Piano concerto K466 (with RIAS/Fricsay)/Beethoven-

Piano sonata op111/Bach-Toccata BWV 914/etc. Live performances 1953-

6. 2 Italian Melodram Lps in gatefold sleeve. £8

EXP 24 Haydn. Violin concerto no 2/Organ concerto no 1. Terebesi/R

Schweizer/SWGCO/Pforzheim. £5

ECL 9012 Haydn-Cello concerto in Dmaj/Saint-Saens-Cello concerto op33.

Gendron/VSOO/Sternberg. Ember Classics issue. £5

SMSC 2315 Haydn-Cello concerto in D/Boccherini-Cello concerto in Bflmaj.

Greenhouse/ViennaCO/Josefowitz. £5

5615 Haydn. Symphony nos 82/103. Wand/ColognePO. US Everest issue. £4

STGBY 512.080 Haydn. String quartets op64 no5/77 no 2. Hungarian Qt. French Vox

issue. £5

MV 1 Haydn. String quartets op42/50 no5/74 no 2. Dartington Qt. 1966 recording. £4

SUM 1104 Haydn. Concerto in Fmaj for Violin, Harpsichord, & Strings/Italian Ov./

Symphony no 44. Georg Richter/ParisSO. US Summit issue. £3

6.42960 J Haydn-Horn concerti nos 3-4/M Haydn-Horn Concertinio in D.

Clevenger/FranzLisztCO/Rolla. Teldec digital. £3

DSM 1020G Haydn-3 Trios op53/Schoenberg-Trio op45. Los Angeles String Trio. US

Discocorp 1979 issue. German pressing. £8

RLP 149 32 Haydn. Symphony no 101. Fritz Busch/AustrianSO. 10-inch Remington mono

issue. £2

LDC 78842 Haydn. The 7 Last Words on the Cross op51. Yannick Le Gaillard (piano).

1986 French Chant Du Monde issue. £8

E 30532 Haydn-Cello concerto in Dmaj/Boccherini-Cello concerto no 3.

Lluis Claret/ECO/Malcolm. Spanish issue, recorded in London 1982. £18

MMS 2101 Haydn. Trumpet Concerto/Symfonia Concertante op84/Divertimento in Dmaj.

Wuehrer/Nordbruch/Henker/Sommer/HamburgCO/Walther. Israel issue. £4

FSM 53505 Haydn-Oboe concerto/Dittersdorf-Oboe concerto in G. Lajos Leneses/

CollClassicum/Albert. German 1974 issue. £5

2PMC-2709 Haydn-Symphony nos 92/103/Mozart-Symphony nos 25/29.

Maazel/BerlinRadSO. 2 US Quintessence stereo Lps in gatefold sleeve. £14

SMSA 2616 Haydn-Symphony nos 92/103. Maazel/BerlinRadSO. £5

SAR 5 "Haydn Sonatas on Early Pianos". Richard Burnett. Front cover autographed by

pianist. £3

SMG 20062 Haydn-Cello concerto op101/Boccherini-Cello concerto in Bflmaj.

Navarra/SalzburgMozO/Paumgartner. Oriole Eurodisc issue. £18

PSR 40560 M Haydn-String quaintet op88/Goetz-Piano quintet op16. Die Kammermusiker

Zurich. Swiss issue. £5

GVC 52 "The Young Jascha Heifetz Violin Recital". £10

PC 18 Hindemith. Violin concerto. Casper Forman/AmericanSO/Eugene

Davis. US Peerless issue. £5

CS 218 Hindemith. Octet (Fine Arts Qt &NY Woodwind Quintet)/Solo

Viola Sonata op25 no1 (Irving Ilmer). US Concert Disc

issue. £5

X 905 "Josef Hofmann Concert. Liszt/Mozkowski/etc....." US Everest

issue. £3

MV 30-1123 Margarita Hohenrieder plays Liszt piano sonata/Vallee d'Oberman etc.

German MV digital issue. £4

SLCW 1014 Josef Holbrooke. Piano Quartet (London Paino Qt)/Clarinet Quintet

(McCaw/Delme Qt). Blenheim Records 1970s issue. £5

HAS LP 3016 Holst. Music for the Masque/Choruses from the Alcestis of Euripides/Talk

by Imogen Holst "Holst at St Paul's". Performed by pupils/staff of St Paul's

Girls School on the Holst Centenary 1974. £5

MD+G G 1067 Hummel-Piano quintet op87/Bertini-Grand Sextet op90. Sestetto

Classico. 1980s German digital issue. £5

ORYX 1810 Hummel. Septet op74. Neckar Septet. £5

CRD 1090 Hummel-Septet op114/Kreutzer-Septet op62. NashEns. £5

STU 70268 Hummel-Trumpet Conc./Bochsa-Harp concerto no 1. Andre/Laskine/

LamO/Mari. French Erato issue. £5

SM 92414 Janacek-String quartet no 2/Stravinsky-3 Pieces/Bartok-5 Pieces from

Mikropolous/Webern-6 Bagatelles op9. Dornbusch Qt.

German 1974 issue £5

ORP 0703 "Dorothea Jappe. Die Viola D'Amore In Mancherley Stimmung". Orpheus 1980

issue. £7

SDL 358 "Keep The Home Fires Burning. The Songs and Music of the 1st World War

From The Original Recordings". Saydisc issue. £5

          ECL 9009 Khachaturian-Rhap. Concerto for Cello & orch (Natalia Shakhovskaya/

MoscowRadO/Khachaturian)/Herman Galynin-Piano concerto

(Bashkirov/MoscowRadO/Svetlanov). £5

112 Khachaturian. Piano concerto. Margot Pinter/BerlinRadSO/Rother. 10-inch mono

Classics Club issue. £5

BM 30 SL 3012 "Johannes Koch, Hugo Ruf, Heinrich Haferland spielen Werke fur Viola

da Gamba und Cembalo". Telemann/Pachelbel/etc. German Musicaphon

issue. £5

LP 194 Kodaly. Dances from Marosszek/Meditation/7 Pieces op11. Laszlo Simon (piano).

1981 Swedish issue (German pressing). £5

STU 71305 Kozeluh. Sinf.Concertante for mandolin/trumpet/piano/contrebass/4-hand piano

concerto. Scimone/I Solisti Veneti. £4

PL 10950 Fritz Kreisler. Violin music. Gimpel/StuttgartProMusO/Cremer. UK Vox mono

issue. £5

MTH 270 Fritz Kreisler-String quartet in A/Joachim-Quartettsatz in C. Joachim Qt.

Thorofon issue. £5

SMSA 2675 Lalo. Symphonie Espagnole/Namouna (excerpts). Ferras/MonteCarloO/

Klopfenstein. £7

X531 Lalo. Symphonie Espagnole. Accardo/PasdeloupO/Albert. Classics Club

mono issue. £10

HMU 961 Lassus. Les Larmes de Saint Pierre. EnsVocRaphael Passaquet. 2 French

Harmonia Mundi Lps in gatefold sleeve. £10

SLD 14 Douglas Lilburn-Symphony no 3/Ov. Aotearoa/David Farquhar-Symphony.

Hopkins/Matteucci/NewZealandSO. NZ 1968 stereo issue. £5

EA 27 014 Liszt. Mephisto Waltz no 1/Berceuse/Galop Chromatique/etc. France Clidat

(piano). German Bellaphon issue. £5

SLL 1 Liszt. Nuages Gris/Totentanz (solo version)/Valses Oubliees/etc. Lennart Rabes.

Delyse 1986 issue. £5

FSM 53903 Liszt. Transcriptions of Beethoven Songs. Grant Johannesen

(piano). Pantheon digital issue. £5

4023548 Liszt. Wagner Transcriptions etc. Michele Campanella (1876

piano). Acanta digital issue. £5

CS 2052 Liszt. Transcriptions of Beethoven's 9th Symphony for 2 pianos 4

hands/Festival Cantata, a transcription of the Archduke Trio for

one piano, 4 hands. Richard 7 John Contiguglia. 2 US

Connoisseur Society Lps in gatefold sleeve. £5

HNH 4068 Liszt. Transcriptions of Beethoven/Schumann/Lassen/etc. Hamish

Milne. US HNH 1970s issue. £5

30 RC 641 Liszt. Piano sonata/Annees de Pelerinage. Paul Von Schilhawsky.

French Gravure Univ. issue. £5

IPA 111 Liszt. En Reve/Nocturne/Ballade no 2/Legendes (excerpts)/etc. Ervin Nyiregyhazi

(piano). Rec. 1973-4. US Int. Piano Archive issue. £20

SMSA 2648 Liszt. Les Preludes/Mephisto Waltz/Orpheus/Mazeppa. Paray/MonteCarloO.

Sealed, unopened. £5

ORPS 62 Liszt. Piano sonata/Liebestraume/Etudes d'Apres Paganini/Consolation no 3/3tc.

Georgina Zellan-Smith. £5

30 RC 880 Liszt. Piano sonata/Dante Sonata/Hung. Rhap no 11/Bagatelle Sans Tonalite.

Brendel. French Gravure Universelle issue. £10

FL 3333 Liszt. "The Virtuoso Piano Paraphases". Bolet. £5

SODE 118 Liszt. Piano sonata/Funerailles/Oh Love/Tristan und Isolde. Gusave Fenyo.

New Zealand 1980 issue. £5

91057 Locatelli. Sonata for Violin & Coontinuo in G/Concerti grossi in

G & C. Ritchot/Acella/Storer/R. Schumann/HeidelbergCO. Da Camera

Magna digital issue. £5

CS 234 Loeillet-Trio Sonata in Bmin/Arnold-Piano trio op54/Shostakovich-Piano trio

op67. Lyric Trio. US Concert Disc issue. £4

3386 Mahler. Symphony no 5. Schwarz/LSO. US Everest issue. £5

DS 6087 Mahler. Das Klagen Lied. Reynolds/Zylis-gara/Kaposy/etc/NPO/Morris. £5

SMSC 2269 Mahler. Symphony no 1. Van Otterloo/ViennaFestO. £10

SYM 1/2 Mahler. Symphony no 8. Barker/Birrowes/Mitchinson/etc/

SymphonicaLondon/Morris. 2 Lps in gatefold sleeve. £10

NUM 75146 Mahler-Quartet Movement in Amin/R Strauss-String quartet op13.

Quatuor Ivaldi. French Erato. Sealed, unopened. £10

SHALP 151 "Veronica McSwiney Plays Chopin/Mozart/Mendelssohn....." Front cover

autographed by the pianist. Irish 1970s issue. £3    

          CRD 1038/9 Medtner. Piano music. Hamish Milne. 2 Lps in gatefold

sleeve. £5

HA 21815 Mendelssohn. String quartets op13/44no1/Capriccio/Fugue for

string quartet/Andante&Scherzo op81. Bartholdy Qt. 2 Acanta

Lps in gatefold sleeve. £5

VMS 2011 Mendelssohn-Violin sonata in F/Concerto for violin, piano &

string orch. Gulkli/Cavallo/MailandCO/Urbini. German 1966

isue. £5

1980 047 Mendelssohn. Piano pieces op14/16/28/54/72. Daniel Blumenthal.

Belgian 1980s issue. £5

SFM 1001 Mendelssohn-String quartet in Efl/Glinka-String quartet in F. Westwood Qt.

US Society for Forgotten Music stereo issue. £5

SMS 2214 Mendelssohn. A Midsummer Night's Dream/Ov. Hebrides.

Schuricht/BavRSO. £5

LSU 1004. Mendelssohn-Violin concerto/Schubert-Symphony no 8. Hugo

Waldman/BerlinPhilharmoniaO/O Strauss. Summit mono issue. £4

EGM 7001 Mendelssohn/Tchaikovsky. Violin concertos. Marcus Belayeff/

OdessaPO/Bodenheim. UK Egmont mono issue. £4

DC 229 130 Mendelssohn. String quartets op44 no 3/80. Bartholdy Qt. BASF 1970s

issue. £5

NUM 75094 Mendelssohn. String Quintets op18/87. Causse/Quatuor Viotti.

French Erato. £8

ABRD 1081 Mendelssohn. Piano sonata op6/Fantasy op28/3 Fantasies op16/Andante &

Rondo Cap. op 14. Lydia Artymiw. £5

STGBY 715 Mendelssohn. Cello sonatas op45/58/Var. Concertantes op17/Songs Without

Words op109. Schuster/Balsam. £20

LARGO 5003 Fanny Mendelssohn-Hansel-Piano trio op11/Rebecca Clarke-Piano

trio(1921). Clementi Trio Cologne. German 1980s issue. £5

UACL 10009 Stoika & Dora Milanova (violin and piano) play Schubert/Saint-Saens/

Prokofiev/Lyubomir-Pipkov. Cadenza Bulgarian recording. £5

DS 35 Milhaud. String quartets nos 3/9/12/14/17. Arcana Qt. 2 Late 1970s French Lps in

gatefold sleeve. £10

HM 20382 Anon 13-14Century. Missa Tournai/Missa Barcelona. Brown/ProCantAntiqua.

French Harmonia Mundi issue. £5

ABRD 1167 Moeran. Cello concerto/Sinfonietta. Wallfisch/BournemouthSinf/Del Mar.  £5

IPL 108 "Jose Vianna Da Motta. The Issued Records and Liszt:Totentanz". US Int. Piano

Archive issue. £4

6.43122 Mozart. String quartets K387/575. Alban Berg Qt. German Teldec issue. £5

AUDAX 765 Mozart. Double piano concerto K365/Piano concerto K482. Badura-

Skoda/Dagmar Bella/VPO/Furtwangler. Rec. 1949/52. US

Discorp issue. £3

VV 30471 Mozart. SinfConcertante K364/Divertimento K136. Sprecher/Weiss/

DresdenCO/Bernard. US Baroque Records issue. £5

2086 Mozart. Piano concertos 19/20. Haskil/RIASO/Fricsay/BSO/Munch. Live

performance. Canadian Rococo mono issue. £5

WSA 701 Mozart-Violin concerto K216 (Szigetti/Orch/Walter)/Berg-Violin concerto

(Szigetti/Orch/Mitropolous). Rec. 1945-51. US Bruno Walter Soc. issue. £10

BATON 1009 Mozart. Piano concertos nos 9/27. Richter/GrangeFestO/Maazel/

ECO/Britten. HistRecSoc. Bermuda issue. £5

CLP 1002 Mozart-Piano concerto K595 (Horszowski/NBCSO/Toscanini)/Beethoven-

Piano concerto no 3 (Hess/NBCSO/Toscanini). Live recordings in New York

1943/6. Italian issue. £3

LO 502 Mozart. Piano concertos nos 22/24/Symphony no 35. E Fischer/DanishCO. Public

performances 1953. 2 Italian Lps in gatefold sleeve. £4

232 Mozart. Piano concertos nos 9/13/19/27. Haskil/Var. Orchs. Live performances.

Rec. 1953-56. 2 US Discocorp Lps. £8 the set

AUDAX 765 Mozart. Piano concerto K482/Double Piano concerto K365. Badura-Skoda/

Bella/VPO/Furtwangler. "Historic Concert Recordings". US Discocorp £3

S 041831 Mozart. String quartets K 387/590. Brandis Qt, Berlin. Orfeo digital issue. £5

2114 Mozart-Var. K455/Debussy-Images Book 1/Ravel-Tombeau de Couperin/Stravinsky

-Petrouchka 3 Scenes. Gilels (piano). Live performances. Canadian Rococo

issue. £5

RR 395 Mozart. Symphony no 40/Piano concerto K466. Yvonne Lefebure/BPO/

Furtwangler. Public performances 1949/54. US Discocorp issue. £5

6.43047 Mozart. Piano concertos K467/488/3-Piano concerto K242. K & T Engel/Hager/

SalzburgMozOrch. German Teldec. £5

OS 7079 Mozart. Piano concertos K466/595. Haskil/PO/KolnerGurzenichO/Klemperer.

Rec. 1956-9. Japanese Bruno Walter issue. £2

ORPS 22 Mozart. Violin concerto K219/Piano concerto K537. Varga/Dreschner/

SalzburgMozO/Matievsky. £5

36 Mozart. Piano concerti K415/459. HaskilBerlinRadSO/Fricsay. Live recordings in

Berlin 1952/3. £4

2093 Mozart. Piano concertos K365/595. Emil & Elena Gilels/VPO/BPO/Bohm. Live

performances. Canadian Rococo issue. £5

RC 854 Mozart. Piano concerto K175/Oboe concerto K314. Balsam/Saillet/

SalzburgMozO/Paumgartner. French issue. £5

X 3008 Mozart. Symphony no 29/Divertimento K251. Stehl/HamburgBachO. Classics

Club mono issue. £3

QTV-S 34567 Mozart. Divertimento K563. Trio Bell'Arte. US Quadrophonic issue. £5

PL 8510 Mozart. String quartets K80/155-157. Barchet Qt. US Vox mono issue. Sellotape

residue to spine/open end of cover. Black/silver labels. £8

CCHNX35 Mozart. String quartets K465/575. Guilet Qt. Mono Classics Club issue. £18

SMSA 2435 Mozart. Divertimenti K136-8/Adagio & Fugue K546. Inbal/Ramat-GanCO.

previous owner has neatly written on rear cover "Very good surface!....." £4

X523 Mozart-Piano sonata K333/Rondo K511/Chopin-Barcarolle op60/Scherzo op54.

Alan Rowlands. Mono Classics Club issue. £5

FC 456 Mozart. 9 Overtures. J Krips/ZurichTonhalleO. French Festival Classique issue. £5

UACL 10000/10007/10008/10013 Mozart. String quartets K80/136-8/155-60/

168-9387/421. Dimov Qt. 4 individual Lps from the complete Cadenza

Balkathon set. £20

1004 Mozart-Symphony no 35/Berlioz-Ov. Benvenuto Cellini/debussy-Prelude D'Un

Faune. Klemperer/LAPO. Live performances 1 January 1938. UK

Symposium issue. £3

SPA 35 "The Eight Year Old Mozart. Lonny Epstein Playing On An Authentic

Reproduction of Mozart's Own Grand Piano". US Spa Records mono issue.

Cover intact but with some sellotape to the spines. Previous owner has written

"1764" on front and back of cover. £10

X 29 Mozart. Piano concerto no 5 (Balsam/SO/Gimpel)/Oboe concerto K314

(Saillet/SalzburgMozO/Paumgartner). US Renaissance mono issue. £5

LCO 1 Mozart. Sinf.Conc. K364/K297b. Warren-Green/Chase/etc/LondonCO.

1988 issue. £5

X 35A Mozart. String quartets K465/676. Guilet Qt. Classics Club mono issue. £10

WS 173 "Music From Lacock and Addington". Petronella Dittmer (violin)/Richard Coulson

(organ/harpsichord). Rear cover signed by Dittmer. £5

MUSIC MINUS ONE VIOLIN. 14 INDIVIDUAL Lps in this US series. as follows:

302 Sibelius Violin concerto

310 Bach Violin Concerti nos 1/2

318 Beethoven 2 Romances/Sonata op24

321 Beethoven Violin concerto

322 Mozart Violin concerto K219

330 Bruch Violin concerto in Gmin

338 Mozart Violin concerto K216

340 Brahms Violin concerto

348 Tchaikovsky Violin concerto

349 Wieniawski Violin concerto op22/Sarasate Zigunerweisen

5005 Piano Accompaniments to Jascha Heifetz Favourite Encores

5006 Fritz Kreisler Favourite Encores (Piano Joseph Joseph Seiger)

5021 "Air on a G String and Other Favourite Violin Encores

5028 "Violin Solos With Orchestra Easy-Medium"

£100 the set

30 RC 630 "Les Musiciens De Monseigneur Le Prince De Conti. Concert Pour Son Altesse

Serenissime. Corette/Schobert/Chedeville/Naudot". Violin/cello/flute/oboe/

harpsichord soloists. French Gravure Universelle stereo issue. £5

FCS 50009 Mussorgsky-Polonaise/R. Korsakov-Ov. Russian Easter/Dance of the

Buffoons/Borodin-Polovtsian Dances/Gliere-Sailor's Dance.

Winograd/LondonVirtuosoO. UK Audio Fidelity stereo issue. £5

POLS 362 Mussorgsky-Pictures at an Exhibition/Liszt-Sonetto 104 del Petrarca.

Staffan Scheja (piano). Swedish digital. £5

EL 16952 Nielsen. Suite op45/Theme & Var. op40. Werner Bartschi (piano).

Swiss Ex Libris digital issue. £4

LDX 74649 "L'Orchesographie de Thoinot Arbeau Pour Apprendre a Danser. Pavanes,

gaillardes.......". Realisation Claude Flagel. French Chant Du Monde

issue. £18

WER 4006 Orff. Veni Creator Spiritus/Kantaten und Chorsatze. GermanSol/CarlOrffCh/

Grob. Wergo digital issue. £5

SX 196 Paderewski. Piano concerto op17/Ballade op2. Barbara Hesse-Bukowska/

PolishRadSO/Krenz. Polish stereo issue. £5

           30 RC 857 Paganini. Violin concerto no 1. Kogan/MoscowPO/Nebolsine. French

Gravure Universelle issue. £5

EVEREST 3313 Paganini. Complete Caprices op1. Ricci. £10

31 394 0 Paganini arr.Wilhelmj-Violin concerto in D op6/Schumann arr. Kreisler-Fantasie

in C op131/Kupkovic-Souvenir for Violin & Orch. Gidon Kremer/VSO/

Wallberg. Eurodisc issue. £20

47 982 Ewa Poblocka (piano) plays Beethoven (op13 no3)/Scarlatti/Chopin. Marifon 1981

issue. £5

SXV 925 "Polonia in Music". Edward Boguslawski/Bronislaw Przybylski/Telemann/

Wagner. Roman Lasocki (violin)/Tadeusza BairdaPO/Kawalla. Polish 1985

issue. £4

LDX-A 78320 Poulenc. Clarinet sonata/Oboe sonata/Aubade. Boutard/Pierlot/Fevrier/

LamoureuxO/Baudo. French Chant du Monde issue. £10

MCS 2021 Prokofiev- Cello sonata op119 (Rostropovich/Richter)/Shostakovich-Cello

sonata op40 (Rostropovich/Shostakovich). US Monitor simulated stereo

issue. £5

No Number. Prokofiev. Piano sonata op14/Toccata Op11/Visions Fugitives op22. Claude

Helffer. Record Society issue. £4

LDX 78734 Rachmaninov. Piano sonata op28/Moment Musical op16/etc. Victor Eresko.

1983 Chant Du Monde issue. £5

SRRE 119 Rachmaninov. Piano sonata no 1 op28/Var. On A Theme by Chopin. Ferber.

Rec. 1970. £10

EL 16958 Raff. "Virtuosos Piano Music". Ann de Dadelsen. Ex Libris digital issue. £3

TI-28 Rameau. Pieces de Clavecin en Concerts. The Boston Museum Trio. US Titanic

Records issue. £5

MAG 2025 Ravel. Daphnis et Chloe no 2/Rhap. Espagnole/La Valse. Bernard Job/John-

Patrick Millow (2 pianos). French 1986 issue. £4

DGS 1006 Ravel-Piano trio/Shostakovitch-Piano trio op67. Trio Zingara. UK

Phoenix 1981 issue. £5

EPI 1940 Ravel-Gaspard de la Nuit/Faure-Theme & var.op73/Nocturne op63. Claude

Kahn (piano). French Epidaure issue. £5

MCS 2069 Ravel-Piano trio/Chopin-Piano trio op8. Oborin/Oistrakh/Knushevitzky. US

Monitor issue. £5

22 Ravel. Ma Mere L'Oye (Celibidache/MilanRadO)/Gaspard de la Nuit (Michelangeli).

Live performances 1957-9. Italian issue. £3

SM 538 Ravel. Piano Concertos in Dmaj/Gmaj. Nakajima/BurnbergSO/Neidlinger.

German Colosseum issue. £5

STGBY 610 Ravel. Piano concerto in G/For The Left hand/Pavane/Menuet Antique.

Perlemuter/ColonneO/Horesnstein. £8

FCS 50005 Ravel-Bolero/Bizet-Carmen Suite. Wallenstein/LondonVirtuosoO. UK Audio

Fidelity stereo issue. £5

S 108 841A Ravel. Violin sonata/Violin Sonata Posthume/Tzigane. Sitkovetsky

(violin)/Davidovich (piano). Orfeo digital. £18

No Number Ravel. Alborada/Ma Mere L'Oye/Pavane/Rhap. Espagnole. Argenta/ParisO.

Mono Record Society issue. Slightly crackly background. £2

STU 70861 Ravel. Piano Trio/Sonata for Violin & Cello. Rouvier/Kantorow/Muller. French

Erato issue. £12

HCR-ST 7000 Ravel. Gaspard de la Nuit/Tombeau de Couperin/Jeux D'Eaux.

US Dover stereo issue. Beveridge Webster (piano). £25

VMS 1607 Reger. Suite op103 for Violin/3 Romances for Violin. Maile/BRSO/Lajovic.

German 1981 issue. £5

SM 03807 Reger. 3 Suites for Solo Viola op131/Piano Trio op2. Nagele (violin)/

E Wallfisch (viola)/L Wallfisch (piano). Da Camera Magna issue. £10

ORYX 1825 Reger. String quartet op109/String Trio op77b. Keller Qt. £5

SMSC 2532 Respighi. Pines/Fountains of Rome. Sargent/LSO. £5

VMS 2095 Reznicek. Violin concerto in E/Symphony in D. Michael Davis/PhilHung./

Wright. Schwann digital. £5

2146 Sviatoslav Richter plays Bach (S813)/Handel-Suite no 5/Beethoven-And. Favori/

3 pieces by Brahms. Mono. Live performance. Canadian Rococo issue. £4

RR 468 "Sviatoslav Richter in Recital". Beethoven/Chopin/Schumann. US Discocorp

issue. £4

2120 Sviatoslav Richter - Tchaikovsky/Rachmaninov solo piano recital. Mono. Live

performance. Canadian Rococo issue. £4

LWS 136 Rimsky-Korsakov. Scheherazade. Goossens/LSO. "The Longines Symphonette

Recording Society" issue. £5

            TER 1114 Richard Rodgers. Ghost Town/Slaughter on Tenth Avenue/La Princesse

Zenobia. Orch/John Mauceri. US 1980s digital issue. Sealed, unopened. £5

VMS 2031 Roman. Violin concerto inD/Drottningholm Suite. Mars Liljefors/KolnCO/

Muller-Bruhl/Camerate Lutetiensis. Schwann 1970s issue. £5

ACM 2002 "The Romantic Cello". Popper/Mendelssohn/Elgar/etc. Webber/Seow. ASV

issue. £5

EPR 15540 Roussel. Le Festin d'Araignee/Petite Suite. Martinon/ORTF. Erato issue. £8

          ECL 9043 Rozsa. Duo op7 (Granat - violin/Pennario - piano)/Var. on a Hungarian

Peasant Song/Little Suite (Granat - violin/Herbst - piano). £5

220359 Rubinstein. Violin concerto op46/Humoresque op87. Takako

Nishizaki/SlovakPO/Halasz. Hong Kong Records digital

issue. £5

DACO 229 Rubinstein. Cello sonatas op18/39. Von Bulow/Ribera.

Danish digital issue. £5

68 404 Shoshana Rudiakov (piano) plays Scriabin and Brahms. German 1984

issue. £4

ATD 8207 Shoshana Rudiakov plays Rachmaninov (Corelli Var.)/Scriabin (3 Etudes).

German 1980s recording. £4

VMS 720 Sacchini (d. 1786). 6 String quartets op2. Academica Qt. German Schwann

1979 issue. 2 Lps in gatefold sleeve. £5

85003-4 Satie. 24 Piano Works. France Clidat. 2 x 1984 Lps in gatefold sleeve. £5

          HM 5137 "Scarlatti/Melani. Arias & Cantates Pour Sporano, trompette & basse continue".

Nelson/Ferry/Rubin/Guhl/etc. French 1984 Harmonia Mundi issue. £5

SPR 3246/7 Franz Schmidt. Piano Quintet in G/Quintet for Clarinet, Piano, Violin, Viola

and Cello in B/String quartet in G. Demus/Prinz/ViennaKonzerthausQt. 2

Preiser 1964 Lps in gatefold sleeve. £10

           REGL 410 Schubert/Wolf. Songs. Pears/Britten. "Personal Selection from ......BBC Sound

Archives". £3

86083 XCK Schubert. Die Schone Mullerin/Lieder. Wunderlich/Stolze. 2 Eurodisc Lps in

gatefold sleeve. £4

CRD 1018 Schubert. String quintet D956. Igloi/Alberni Qt. £5

ECM 1328 Schubert. Piano sonata D960. Valery Afanassiev. German 1986 issue. £5

CRD 1138 Schubert. Piano Trio D898. Israel Trio. £5

6.42880 Schubert. Trout Quintet. Helmut Roloff/ChamberMusicPlayers of BayreuthFest.

Stratos issue. £5

PAN 172011 Schubert. Piano trio D898. Wiener Schubert Trio. Austrian digital. £5

14 Schubert. Piano trio D898. Nadelman (piano)/Blanc (violin)/Rostal (cello). 10-inch mono

Classics Cluib issue. £10

49 Schubert. Trout Quintet. Pozzi/F Jacquillard/Winterthur Qt. 10-inch mono Classics Club

issue. £10

STPL 10890 Schubert. Trout Quintet. Reinhardt/Endres Qt. UK Vox stereo issue. £10

STAE 2026 Schubert-String quartet op29/Brahms-String quartet op67. Fine Arts Qt.

German Adagio issue. £5

NIMBUS 2129 Schubert-Piano sonatas D537/571/664/Brahms-Theme & Var. from

Sextet op18. Luc Devos. £5

CM 2082 Schubert. 8 Impromptus op90/142. Goldsand. Mono. £4

725 150 Schubert. Symphony nos 3/6. Suitner/BerlinStaatkapelle. Eterna digital. £5

SMS 2651 Schubert. 3 Sonatinas D384/385/408. Sydney Harth (violin)/Dorel Handman

(piano). German Concert Hall "Gravure Universelle". £25

MLF 350 Schubert. String Quintet op163. Starker/Sydney Qt. Australian 1980 issue. £75

CRD 1024 Schumann. Piano quartet op47/Piano Quintet op44. Rajna/Alberni Qt. £4

30 A 128 Schumann. Bunte Blatter op99/ Gesange der Fruhe op133. Jean Martin

(piano). Arion 1970s issue. £5

HM 489 Schumann. Violin sonatas nos 1/2. Raphael Oleg/Yves Rault. French Harmonia

Mundi issue. £5

GCL 54 Schumann. Kinderszenen op15/Abegg var. op1/Bunte Blatter op99. Haskil. Live

performances in Berlin 1954. Italian issue. £3

PG 7624 Schumann. Piano concerto/Konzerstuck op92. Rigutto/ONF/Masur. French

issue. £5

CRD 1017 Schumann-String quartet op41 no3/Mendelssohn-String quartet op13.

Alberni Qt. £5

202 560 366 Schumann. Papillons op2/Carnival op9. Kristin Merscher. Eurodisc digital

issue. £5

1191 Schumann. Etudes Symphoniques op13/Arabeske op18/Toccata op7. Wilhelm

Ohmen. German digital. £5

OND 485 Schumann-Fantasiestucke op12/Liszt-Legende/Hung Rhap. no12/Prokofiev-

Piano sonata mo 3. Tessa Uys. Ondine issue. £5

FSM 53 176 Schumann- 6 Paganini Pieces op10/Paganini Study no2 op3/Puchtler

(d. 1881)-Decameron op23/Charakterstudien op41. heidi Kommerell (piano).

German 1977 issue. £5

140 083 Louis Schunke (d.1834). Piano Works. Gregor Weichert. Accord 1984 issue. £3

RR 467 Scriabin-Piano sonata op68/Prokofiev-Piano sonata op29/etc. Richter. US stereo

issue. £5.

GME 1015 Scriabin. 12 Etudes op8/Piano sonata no 6/Poeme Tragique op34. Thomas

Rajna. £5

PRCM 201 Scriabin. 24 Preludes op11/5 Preludes op74/Poem op32 no1. Ruth Laredo. £5

9111 0342 Shostakovitch-Piano sonata no 2/Slonimsky-The Bells/Denisov-

The Variations/Schedrin-Humoresque. Lydia Majlingova

(piano). Czech Opus 1974 issue £5

CRD 1051 Shostakovich-Piano quintet op57/Britten-String quartet op25.

Benson/Alberni Qt. Sleeve inscribed by the Alberni Qt. £5

HQFS 512 Shostakovich. Violin concerto op99. Kogan/LenPO/Mravinsky. US Hall of

Fame issue. Reprocessed stereo. £5

MLG 71 Shostakovich-Piano concerto no 1/Falla-Nights in the Gardens of Spain.

Kappell/Orchs/Ormandy/Stokowski. Rec. 1945-9. US Opus Records

issue. £2

AUR 5051 Shostakovich. Viola sonata op147. Telecky (viola)/Majlingova (piano).

Rediffusion 1970s isue. £7

825 874 Shostakovich. Violin concerto no 1. Gustav Schmahl/DresdenPO/Masur.

Eterna issue. £10

827 902 Shostakovich-Viola sonata op147/Honegger-Viola Sonata/Britten-Lachrymae

op48. Manfred Schumann (viola)/Jutta Czapski (piano). Eterna issue. £10

ASV DCA 631 Shostakovich. String quartets nos 4/8/11 Coull Qt. £5

ABRD 1279 Shostakovich. Symphony no 9/Festive Ov./Suite from Katerina Ismailova/Tea

for Two op16. Jarvi/SNO. £4

FAD 345 Sibelius. String quartets in Amin & Bflatmaj. Sibelius Academy Qt. Finlandia

digital issue. £5

SMSC 2559 Sibelius. Violin concerto/Tapiola. Spivakovsky/LSO/Hannikainen. £5

ABRD 1062/1074/1086/1097 Sibelius. Complete Symphonies. Gibson/SNO.

4 individual Lps. £10

CRLP 172 Sibelius-Violin concerto (Oistrakh/NatPO/Gauk)/Matchavariani-Violin concerto

(Vayman/NatPo/Matchavariani). US Colosseum mono issue. £10

ETC 1047 Sinding. 7 Caprices/2 Stucke/Fatum Var./Rustle of Spring/etc. Helge Antoni

(piano). Dutch digital issue. £3

BVR 312 Smetana. Dreams/3 Polkas de Salon op7/2 Souvenirs de Boheme En Forme de

Polka op13. William Howard (piano). Bedivere 1983 issue. £4

HMB 5121 "Sonates Francaises Pour Clarinette et Piano". Saint-Saens/Milhaud/Poulenc/

Honegger/Debussy. Schmitt. Faucomprez (clarinet)/Raes (piano). French

Harmonia Mundi issue. £5

DC 21 102 Spohr-Violin concerto op47/Vieuxtemps-Violin concerto no 5. Thomas

Christian/VSO/Bernet. Acanta 1970s issue. £5

STU 71318 Spohr. Violin concerto op47/Sinf. Concertante for violin & harp.

Amoyal/Nordmann/LausanneCO/Jordan. Erato issue. £5

G 1144 Spohr. String quartets op29 no1/74 no 3. Sonare Qt. German digital

issue. £5

X 1007 Spohr. Nonet op31. ClassicsClubChamberEns. £5

ABRD 1267 R Strauss. Sinfonia Domestica/Till Eulenspiegel/2 Songs. Felicity Lott/

SNO/Jarvi. £8

14 Stravinsky. Symphony in 3 Movements/Firebird Suite. Furtwangler/VPO/BPO. Live

performances 1950-3. £3

STU 71426/71427/71428 Stravinsky. L'Histoire Du Soldat/Pulcinella/Concertino/

Le Chant Du Rossignol/4 Etudes Pour Orch. Cheraud/Planchon/Vitez/Rolfe-

Johnson/Lawson/etc/EnsIntercomporain/ONF/Boulez. 3 individual Erato Lps.

£5 the set.

PMS 1503 Szymanowski-Metopy/3 Poems 1819/etc/Janacek-In the Mist 1912 etc.

Jan Latham Koenig (piano). Mid-1970s issue. £4

PAD 107 Taneyev. Piano quartet op20. Cantilena Chamber Players. Pro Arte digital

issue. £5

MAK 8024 Tartini. Violin concerto D115/Cello concerto Dgrt/Flute concerto in Ggrt/

Sonata for Strings. Toso/Zannerini/Rampal/ISolists Veneti/Scimone. Dutch

Erato issue. £5

BM SL 1410 Tchaikovsky. Piano trio op50. Wilkonirski Trio. German 1970s issue. £5

6.43675 Tchaikovsky. Symphony no 5. Masur/LeipzigGO. Teldec digital issue. £5

KAM 1000 Tchaikovsky. Grand Sonata op37/Piano sonata op80. Melisande Chauveau.

Cambridge Records 1982 issue. £5

IGI 333 Tchaikovsky-Piano concerto no 1/Chopin-Fantasia op49. Solomon/HalleO/Harty.

"Historical recordings". No dates given. £2

SMSA 2198 Tchaikovsky-1812/Marche Slav/Waltz from Onegin/Borodin-Steppes of

Central Asia/Glinka-Ovs. Russlan & Ludmilla/Life for the Tsar.

Dervaux/AmsterdamPO. £5

827 666 Tchaikovsky. Piano concerto no1. Peter Rosel/LeipzigGO/Masur. Eterna issue. £5

6.43209 Tchaikovsky. Piano trio op50. haydn Trio Wien. Teldec digital. £5

St 1916 Tchaikovsky. Symphony no 5. Ludwig/HamburgPhilStaatO. German Europaischer

Phonoklub issue. Cover says stereo. £7

DG 10041 Tchaikovsky. 1812/Cap. Italien/Cossack Dance. Kunzel/CincinattiSO. Telarc

digital. £8

SMSA 3046 Tchaikovsky. Violin concerto (Varga/ViennaFestO/Auberson)/Rococo Var.

(Parisot/ViennaFestO/Le Conte). £8

ETC 1033 Tcherepnin. Piano Music. Bennett Lerner. Dutch digital issue. £3

CRD 137 Telemann. "Sonates En Trios Et Quatuors". Quator Instrumental Maxence

Larrieu. French mono issue. £10

MRF 81601 Telemann. Trio Sonatas and Sonatas. Tunnel (cello)/Thamesis Trio of London.

UK Merlin Records 1982 issue. £5

LP 50429 "Le Temps et La Musique". Leonid Gorokhov (cello) playing

Tchaikovsky/Tortelier/etc. Swiss Patek Philippe issue. £10

HMC 1159 Johann Theile. Passion According to Saint Matthew. Equiluz/Varcoe/etc/

EnsLondonbar./Medlam. £5

SDL 346 "The Three Disc Symphonion & Other Victorian Musical Boxes".

Rec. 1965-83. £4

CRD 11301 Tippett. 4 Piano sonatas. Crossley. 2 Lps in gatefold sleeve. £5

No Number Torelli-Sonata A Quattro in Amin/Hervelois-Suite for Viola da Gamba in Dmin/

Telemann-Viola concerto in G/De Fesch-Suite for Cello Concertante/

Albinoni-Concerto for oboe in Dmin/Concerto for string in D. Soloists/

SalzburgMozCO/Paumgartner. Record Society mono Issue. £5

HMB 398 "Troubadours". Clemencic Consort. French Harmonia Mundi issue. £5

DG 10059 Vaughan Williams-Tallis Fant./Barber-Adagio/Grainger-Iris Tune from Co.

Derry/Faure-Pavane/Satie-Gymnopedies 1&3. Slatkin/StLouisSO. Telarc

digital issue. £5

CRD 1066 Verdi-String quartet/Puccini-Crisantemi for String qt./Donizetti-String quartet

no 13. Alberni Qt. £5

NIR 002 Gerard Victory-String quartet (1963)/John Kinsell-String quartet no 2. RTE Qt.

Rec. Dublin 1971. £20

           CM 2226 Vieuxtemps-Romance op7 no 2/Wieniawski-Legende op17/leclair-Sonata in

Dmaj/Zarzycki-Maxurka op26/etc. Oistrakh/Yampolski. Mono. £5

GS 1004 "Vignettes of Old Russia". Arensky/Cui/Ilyinsky/Liapunov/etc. Sergei Tarnowsky

(piano). US Genesis 1970s issue. £2

ERA 50517 "Violin Concertos - Tartini/JSBach/Vivaldi/Mozart/Haydn". Var.

soloists/artists. 2 Erato Lps in gatefold sleeve. £4

M 1006 Viotti. String quartets in Bflat/G. Baker Qt. US Society for Forgotten Music mono

issue. £4

63 23 157 Viotti. Violin concerto no 22. Hoelscher/NurnbergSO/Maga. Acanta issue. £10

ABM 758 "The Virtuoso Piano". Cherkassy. ASV issue. £8

STU 70826-7 Vivaldi. 8 Concerti for Viola D'Amore. Nana Calabrese/I Solisti

Veneti/Scimone. 2 individual Erato Lps. £5 the set

EXP 11 Vivaldi. 4 Seasons. Lola Bobesco/HeidelbergCO. £5

OX 7174 ND Vivaldi. 4 Seasons. Gunars Larsens/LucerneFestO/Baumgartner. Denon

1979 issue. £5

STU 70826/7 Vivaldi. 8 Concerti for Viola D'Amore. Calabrese/ISolistiVeneti/Scimone.

2 individual Erato Lps. £8

SM 30699 "Vivre Pour Toi. Chants et Musiques Pour Le Mariage". Caroline

Grant/Gaetan de Courreges. French issue. £5

SMS 2246 Wagner. Prelude-Rienzi/Prelude-Lohengrin/Siegfried Idyll/Preludes to Die

Mesietersingers. Schuricht/BavRSO. £5

SYM 11 Wagner-The Feast of Pentecost/Bruckner-Helgoland. AmbMaleVoiceCh/

SymLondon/Morris. £5

29 21770 Wagner-Vorspiel from Meisetersingers/Mozart-Piano concerto K595/Dvorak-

Symphony no 8. Gulda/MunichPO/Kempe. German MPS Records 1970s

issue. 2 Lps in gatefold sleeve. £5

75889 KR Wagner. Meistersinger (excerpts). Sachs/Wiener/Hotter/Thomas/

etc/BavStO/Keilberth. Live performance in Munich. Eurodisc issue. £3

X 161 Wagner. Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg (excerpts). Ferdinand Frantz/

SaxonStateO/Kempe. Classics Club mono issue. £5

SLL 2 Siegfried Wagner. Symphony. Eros/AalborgSO. Delyse digital. £4

SLL 3 Siegfried Wagner. Gluck Tone Poem/Scherzo/Sehnsucht Tone Poem.

Eros/AalborgSO. Delyse digital. £4

CRD 1098 Weber-Clarinet quintet op34/Flute Trio J259. NashEns. £5

AGD 25005 Weber. Works for Piano Duet op3/10/60. Silvia Zenker/Ulrike Bachmann.

German 1986 issue. £5

108 Weber. Abu Haasan. Schwarzkopf/Witte/Bohnen/etc/BerlinRadSO/Ludwig. 10-inch

mono Classics Club issue. £5

WSR 1 "Which Side Are You On. Music For The Miners, From The North East. Songs

and Music Made In Support of the Miners Strike 1984-85". Immaculate copy

with leaflet and poster, save for a tiny spot of fingernail damage to

the spine. £50

ORYX 1820 Wolf. String quartet in Dmin. Keller Qt. £5

EP 7095 Wolf. Italian Seranade. Loewenguth Qt. 7-inch mono Oriole Eurodisc issue. £2

MTH 237 Wolf-Ferrari. Chamber Symphony op8. Horst Gobel/OrchAcadderHerbert von

Karajan-Stiftung Berlin. Thorofon 1980 issue. £5

TI 23 "Lawrence Wolfe, double bass, Jonathan Friedman, piano. Gliere/Tchaikovsky/

Schubert". Titanic Records late 1970s issue. £10

CRD 1097 William Wordsworth (b.1908). String quartets nos 5-6/3 Wordsworth Songs

for High Voice and String Qt. Partridge/Alberni Qt. £5

JUR OA11 William Wordsworth (b. 1908) Cello sonata op66 (Pleeth/Good)/Viola sonata

op71 (Ireland/Gray)/3 Songs (Barrow/Parry)/4 Sacred Sonnets op21

(Barrow Parry). Jupiter 1965 issue. £5

25845 OK "Zauber der Harfe". Handel/Tournier/Godard/etc. Chantal Mathieu/InstrEns.

Eurodisc issue. £3

Boxed sets (stereo, unless stated, in either artist or composer order)

Set no.         Description                                                                               

ORYX 6XLC 1 Bach. 6 Sonatas for Violin & Harpsichord BWV 1014-9/3 Sonatas for

Viola da Gamba BWV 1027-9/Sonatas for Violin BWV 1021/1023/etc.

George Hendel (violin)/Jean Lamy (viola da gamba)/Christian Larde (flute)/H

Dreyfus (harpsichord)/etc. 6 Lps. £25

EVEREST 3134/6 Bach. The Well-Tempered Clavier. Book One & Two.

Malcolm Hamilton (harpsichord). 6-record set. £20.

HM 1074/5 Bach. Suites Pour Les Anglois BWV 805-811. Gilbert (harpsichord). £5

AVRS 6434-44 Beethoven. Complete Piano sonatas. Gulda. Small non-sounding scuff in

no 12. Amadeo stereo issue. £10

8120/7 Beethoven. 9 Symphonies. Furtwangler/Rome)/BPO/StockholmPO. US Olympic

Records set. £10

M 2054 etc. Beethoven. Complete string quartets. Pascal Qt. Concert Hall mono issue. £30

M 2054 etc. Another copy. No notes. £20

EVEREST 3162-7 Beethoven. 9 Symphonies. Krips/LSO. US issue. £10

SMS 2140-4/2702-8 Beethoven. Complete Violin Sonatas (Ferras/Barbizet)/Complete

Cello Sonatas (Stein/Mersson)/Complete Piano trios (Santoliquido Trio).

12 stereo Concert Hall Lps in 2 boxes. £30

SMS 6221-6232 Beethoven. Complete String Quartets. Fine Arts Qt. 12 Concert Hall

Record Club stereo Lps in 2 boxes. £20

ALHB 307 Beethoven. String quartets op59 nos 1-3/74/95. Lindsay Qt. £18

HM 20396/6 Hildegard Von Bingen. Ordo Virtutum/Sequentia. Ensemble de Musique

Medievale. German Harmonia Mundi digital issue. £10

LO 511 Brahms. 4 Symphonies/Tragic Ov./Haydn Var. Toscanini/PO. Live recordings in

London 1952. Cetra issue. 4 Lps. £5

SVBX 5432/3 Debussy. Complete Piano Music. Peter Frankl. US Vox issue.

6 Lps in 2 boxes. £5

2 DAK Dussek. Complete Music for Harp. Elena Zaniboni. 2 Grequenz digital

Lps. £4

CRD 1086-8 Dvorak. Complete Piano trios/4 Pieces op75/Rondo op94. Cohen Trio. £10

7630834 "Louis Ferdinand, Prinz Von Preussen (1772-1806). Das

gesamtwerk op1-13. German artists. Thorofon issue. 6 Lps. £5

RECORD 1-12 "Festival of Light Classical Music". 12 stereo Reader's Digest Lps. £30

CSM 55-8 Field. Complete Piano concertos. John O'Conor/NewIrishCO/Furst. £5

DACO 141-6 "Ignaz Friedman. Complete Recordings 1923-1941". 6 Danish Lps. £5

SVBX 596 Haydn. String quartets op76 nos 1-6. Fine Arts Qt. US Vox

issue. £5

HC 73011 Haydn. Symphony nos 82-87. Jones/LittleOrchLondon. £5

IPL 5001-2 "The Complete 1937 Josef Hofmann Golden Jubilee Concert". 2 US Int. Piano

Archive Lps. £10

ECE 0766-7 "Dinu Lipatti. Historical Recordings". Includes the Enescu Violin sonatas 2-3

with Enescu/Enescu-Bourree from Suite no 2 op10/Lipatti-Piano sonatina for

left hand/Concertino in Classic Style (with VonBenda/CO). 2 Electrecord

Lps. £10

7001/2 "Liszt Played By 6 Pianists Who Knew Him". Busoni/Paderewsky/

Cortot/Ganz/Hofmann/Friedman. 2 French mono Lps. £5

S 125846 Liszt. Complete Works for Organ. Martin Haselbock. Orfeo 1980s issue.

6 Lps. £5

SDBR 3014-2 Mahler. Symphony no 5. Schwarz/LSO. Everest US issue. £10

AVST 26230 Benedetto Marcello. 12 "A Cinque" Concertos op1. Ephrikian/I Solisti di

Milano. Ars Nova issue. £5

SVBX 582 Mendelssohn. Chamber Music including Cello sonatas (Schuster/Balsam)/Piano

trios (Trio Bel Arte)/String quartets (European Qt). 3 US stereo Vox Box

Lps. £15

CURTAIN CALL NO 234 William Mengelberg conducts Bach/Mozart/Beethoven/Berlioz/

etc., including the Brahms (Krebbers)and Dvorak (Maria Neuss) Violin

Concertos. Recorded 1939-43. 5 US Music & Arts Lps in a box which is

missing the spine! £4

ORYX 5XLC 3 Mozart. Complete String Quintets/Clarinet Quintet/Serenade

K525/Horn Qt. K407. Deplus/Danish Qt/Poulsen. 5 Lps. £5

SVBX 546 Mozart. Violin sonatas Vol. 1 (contains K 296/301/302/303/304/305/306/

376/377/378. Pauk/Frankl. US Vox stereo issue. £20

INT 185701 Mozart. The Prussian Quartets/Clarinet Quintet/5 Fugues for 4 Voices.

Rayson/Melos Qt. 3 Intercord Lps. £5

VBX 12 Mozart. String quartets K80/155-160/168-170. Barchet Qt. 3 Vox US mono

Lps. £5

26 368 XRK Mozart. Complete Piano Concertos/2 Rondos. Annerose Schmidt/

DresdenPO/Masur. Eurodisc issue. £20

COF 7045 Prokofiev. L'Ange De Feu. Jane Rhodes/Xavier Depraz/etc/

ParisNatOpO/Bruck. French issue. Rec. 1957. £25

RECORD 1-10 "Eric Robinson Presents Music For You". 10 stereo Reader's Digest

Lps. £20

244 183-1 Smetana. My Country/Bartered Bride (orch. excerpts). Inbal/FrankfurtRadSO.

Teldec issue. £5

STU 70625-7 Tartini. 7 Concerti/6 Sonatas/Var. On Theme of Corelli for Viollin. Quatuor

Baroque Italien/I Solisti Veneti/Scimone. 3 French Rrato lps. £10

CCHN X 127/8 Tchaikovsky. The Nutcracker (complete). Dobrindt/BerlinRadSO.

2 Classics Club mono Lps. £10

LO 58-61 Wagner. The Ring. Varnay/Windgassen/Grummer/Neidlinger/Nilsson/Hotter/etc/

BayreuthFO/Knappertsbusch. Reorded at the Bayreuth Festival 14-18

August 1957. 18 Lps in 4 box sets. Cetra issue. £30

VXDS 107 Weber. Complete Piano Works. Hans Kann (with Rosario Marciano in the 4-

hand pieces). 6 German Vox stereo Lps. Front cover of box split at

4 corners. £6

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