(all books are hardback, with dustjacket,  unless stated)

"Adventures in Symphonic Music". by Edward Downes. First edition pub. Frederick 

Muller. 1954.  No dustjacket.  £2

 Beethoven Piano Sonatas by Denis Matthews. BBC Music Guide Paperback £2

"John Christie of Glyndebourne". A biography by Wilfrid Blunt.  1968.  £2

"The Life and Times of Patsy Cline". by Margaret Jones. Pub. Harper Collins, New York.

335 pages. £3

"The Decca Book of Opera".  Pub. T Werner Laurie 1956 (first edition).  556 pages.

 Includes short biographies/photographs of many 1950s-1960s artists. No

dustjacket. £3

"The Interpretation of Music". by Thurston Dart. Pub. by Hutchinson Press. First

edition 1954 192 pages £5

Nigel Douglas. "Legendary Voices" (Andre Deutsch Paperback, 305 pages, 1st edition

1993), and "More Legendary Voices" (Andre Deutsch hardback, 327

pages, 1st edition 1994). Both copies £10

"Duet For Three Hands".  by Cyril Smith.  Pub. Angus and Robertson, 1959.   £3

"The Glenn Gould Society" Bulletin for March 1986. 45 page paperback.  Dutch

publication £2

The Grampohone Catalogue (paperback) December 1983 

"A Voice, A Life". TheAutobiography of Joan Hammond. pub 1970 by Victor Gollancz.

264 pages  £4

"A History of Song".  1960. Edited by Denis Stevens.  £4.

"Leos Janaceck" by Ian Horsburgh. pub 1982 by David & Charles. £3

"The Jazz Word" by Dom Cerulli/Burt Korall/Mort Nasatir.  Jazz Book Club 1963. 192

pages. No dustjacket.  £3

"The Story of the Original Dixieland Jazz Band" by H O Brunn.  Jazz Book Club1963.

268 pages. £4

"The Reluctant Art - The Growth of Jazz" by Benny Green.  Jazz Book Club 1964.  191

pages. No dustjacket.  £3.               

All the above 4 jazz books for £9.

"Musical Instruments - their History from the Stone Age to the Present Day".  by Karl

Geiringer.   Pub 1949 by George Allen & Unwin.  No dustjacket.   340

pages, numerous b&w plates.  Ex-University of London copy but clean and

intact.  £4                 

"My Young Years". Arthur Rubinstein.  Pub. Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1973.  478

pages.  £3

"Shostakovich - The Man and His Music". ed. Christopher Norris with essays by

Geoffrey Norris etc. pub. not stated. 233 pages. No dustjacket.  £3

"Solti on Solti".  A Memoir.  275 pages.  Pub. Chatto & Windus 1997.  £2            

"Testimony. The Memoirs of Shostakovich". As Related & Edited by Solomon Volkov.

Pub. Hamish Hamilton 1979. 238 pages. £5

"Toscanini". by Howard Taubman.  pub. Odhams Press 1951. Dustjacket sellotaped.  £3

"Theme and Variations - An Autobiography by Bruno Walter".  In English.  Pub. Hamish

Hamilton 1947.  No dustjacket.  400 pages.  £4

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